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  1. aaron2121

    Wrecked me. Nice frags
  2. aaron2121

    Application: IGN: Aaron Cathcart Hours on arma (Screenshot): Rebel or Advanced?: Advanced Bank (Screenshot): Why do you want to join Us?: I want to join you as I have been up against the outsiders many times in combat although i may get one of two you always come out on top and I want to be a part of winning more gunfights. The gang im in xoxo isnt very acitve so I was looking for a more active one. What sets you apart from other applicants?: I'm skilled in combat, driving and flying. I am able to combat land most helicopters apart from the huron. I'm very active as im on mostly every day. Rate your combat from 1-10: 8 Members that will vouch for you?: Patron Feel Free to message @BrandonZavier, @lucky, @Apex for inquiries about applying 
  3. aaron2121

    In-game Name: Aaron Steam ID: 76561198277387295 Date of the incident: 01/13/2018 Time of the incident: 00:00 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 6k Please provide as much detail as possible: I bought a rook 9mm pistol at around 10pm gmt and at the restart I spawned in and had lost it as it was no where to be found and not in my inventory Any Evidence Available: No
  4. aaron2121

    lost my rook 9m at sever restart 00:00 13/01/17

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