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  1. aaron2121

  2. aaron2121

    Will take anything tbh
  3. aaron2121

    https://youtu.be/37xYqYDtvKo Video JAW is referring to.
  4. aaron2121

    @Ryan Zare you online at the minute?
  5. aaron2121

    I mean u were driving around in the sit I am willing to comp as you weren't part of it so send me how much and proof of the loadout and I will comp you
  6. aaron2121

    Cause u pulled up right next to one of my gang mates after u pulled up to me
  7. aaron2121

    That wasnt the police it was the people we were initiated on and I shot at the medics to tell them to go as it was still active.
  8. aaron2121

    Make a report please then First of I'd like to say it was an active sit, in the video u here fun shots u then run drive up to me, don't make an attempt to leave then drive up to one of my gang mates making us think that you were involved.
  9. aaron2121

    Cheers fuel
  10. aaron2121

    We have comped 1.5 mil but think that the 75k shouldn't be comped as it's a pullout charge and u never get that money back. That money is lost as soon as you pull out that vehicle meaning we didn't make him lose that 75k
  11. aaron2121

    I am the one who initiated, so I would like to say that I did I initiate i said out the chopper without a weapon,you then proceed to turn away from me so I am unable to shoot u which made me think that u heard the initiation and that is why I starting shooting as you turned away and obviously wasnt going to complying. Also jaw is right in not comping the pullout charge as this is something that youbwould never get back anyways.
  12. aaron2121

    In game name :aARON. Age :15 Hours on Arma III (Pref Screenshot) :1.3k Why do you want to join The Abyss: Need a new gang and have seen this one around a few times and you guys look good. Bank Balance (Screenshot): 5m Previous gangs: Outsiders, oracles Advanced rebel or standard rebel : Adv
  13. aaron2121

    U get used to it
  14. aaron2121

    Ik my pc is shit
  15. aaron2121


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