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    In-game Name: Brizio Steam ID: 76561198412931997 Date of the incident: 07/05/01 Time of the incident: 3:15 Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: 1mill Please provide as much detail as possible: hacker came on server killed all and vehicles lost hemmt full of lsd Any Evidence Available: staff should of seen plus rest of servers
  2. Name: Brizio Money: 1mill lost in casino but will make more. Do you have both rebel license: both Why do you want to join (25+words): i would like to join nefarious i want to make sure we can be the most feared and best represented gang on the server, also making some quality role play alongside it. Who can vouch for you: Carlos Eduardo
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    Brizio Report

    doesnt even want to resolve https://prnt.sc/kdligk look at the bottom must resolve, didnt even attempt to resolve
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    Hours on Arma : 1400 Rebel License: BOTH Previous Gangs: United Nation, Blitz Family, Accent, Vanguard, Cammora, Police Roleplay Skills (1-10) : 8 Combat Skills (1-10) :8
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    already sold honey @P A T R O NWHEN CAN i get it

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