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  1. I think this is illegal under UK law.
  2. Lee

    More shit talking from you. First it was that i spawn guns in for myself, second was that I give my gang esp and now, which is the worst of the lot, is making lee a staff lead. Lmaooooo
  3. Nope exploiting da millions, closed.
  4. Compensated
  5. Apps now open.

  6. Good day, Reborn! Community Support We were going to wait until the new year but thought we can get a bunch of new people into the staff team by Christmas because it will be a busy period around here so if you feel like you want to join the staff team and work your way up you can apply here. Applications will be open for a week and close on the 17th then the Staff Leads and Management will comb through them and be announced shortly after. Best of luck to all who apply
  7. Garbage idea.
  8. Denied. You have no way of knowing that the gunfight is over just because Crawfy killed this Jacob guy. That's your own fault for assuming.
  9. I'll try and get a hold of Genesis tonight about it.
  10. Wrong game, we are a Arma 3 community.
  11. who?
  12. I bow to the power of Trident, such a force to be reckoned with.
  13. I already unbanned you because the last thing i saw you write was "creeper" so i thought it was for that lol but yeah just refrain from saying stuff like that in future please! Unbanned already.
  14. Not a bad idea to have a tag like that but would only be given to a select few who are known, just so we don't give it to any random joe who is a toxic mofo but from the short time i've watched you just now you seem like a chilled dudeeeeeee.
  15. You are irrelevant,

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