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  1. Apps closed, be announced sometime this week.

  2. PaulS

    Wiped and unbanned.
  3. PaulS

    Told you 5 days ago you have to wait 3 months before appealing. Making a new forum account isn't going to change anything. Denied.
  4. PaulS

    First ban, 24 hour ban for rule 7.3. Will also pass onto police command because he should get some sort of internal punishment too.
  5. PaulS

    Ye just need recordings now nothing more thanks!
  6. PaulS

    How is he playing as a rebel? He's using a vermin which he is allowed to do, he is shooting back at cops shooting at him, ye he shouldn't shoot his colleagues but i would of done the same, it's self defence not rebel. Also yeah he should of pulled over to begin with but i can't make that call off a 19 second video If he had something in the truck is a different story. Value of life i can sort of see though. @AntjoI know you spoke to Daniel about this but what became of your talk with nightfury? Edit - Another thing Daniel asked if he could ban you as a punishment but he can't do that when it was a police complaint. If it was a server rule break it had to go through the forums so i think this is why Nightfury might of reported you.
  7. PaulS

    Which admin did that?
  8. PaulS

    Where is that rule? I wear glasses but i feel totally blind right now. Red zone The red zone is a very dangerous place to be it is marked by the red line. The red zone is the red area and everything inside that area. If combat has started within the red zone and someone leaves the area, combat can still take place. This includes capture points.
  9. PaulS


  10. PaulS

    Permanent ban - Appealable after 3 months. Denied.
  11. PaulS

  12. PaulS

    Wiped and unbanned, you can thank Wilma for the early unban.
  13. PaulS

    lmao you melon you posted your own steamid but i found him anyways.
  14. PaulS

    For me to do this players need to post their player IDs.
  15. alliance scum

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