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  1. Need more people to buy jets! Jet event coming soon!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Kierann


      Everyone to the Bank of @PaulS!

    3. Tom Skyline

      Tom Skyline

      Make it cheaper

    4. Rage


      Been in the police since 1st May, fastest ranking cop AND highest position in cops, still unable to purchase Jet :(

  2. Ah thanks for reminding me about this guy, discussing how to dupe with another guy on our teamspeak last night. Perm banned.
  3. So i was the admin tonight that teleported you to rebel HQ because you couldn't buy the license. You also told me you only had 20 million that a friend gave you and i just checked the logs there at the time you bought the rebel licenses, so..... you never had 20 million, you hacked in 50 million 40 minutes before buying the rebel licenses so your story ain't adding up somewhere. If it wasn't me that you told (I was called Shades at the time in game) what other member of staff did you tell like you claimed.
  4. It's fixed in next update, i can give you the license and take money from you when you're off the server, just contact me on teamspeak.
  5. First off, thanks to everyone who applied. If you didn't get selected this time, there will be more opportunities in the future to apply like some of these new supports will tell you. After going through all the applications myself, Joe, Tiddles, BattlEye and Walter gave them a "score". After tallying up all the votes, the 11 people chosen were: @Rage @Beermonster @Pine @Grim Reaper @Clixy @Peters @Rogers @Kierann @_Abdul @Kevin Savage @George1242 Please spam me, Tiddles or Battleye on teamspeak to get a little run down of how things are done and what we expect of you. GG!
  6. He can't write here, i'll sort it out tomorrow, just message me on ts @Eddie
  7. Correct and locked.
  8. Already compensated for in game. Moving to denied.
  9. Fuck me do you ever read where you're putting stuff and also since you're trying to trash someones name, i hardly doubt Bassie of all people would lie about stuff.
  10. Was it Andy James you talked to? I seen you talking to him after the hacker blew people up. @Andy James
  11. Compensated.
  12. Moving to denied.
  13. Compensated.
  14. You have to report the person first if you want compensation for someone breaking rules... Denied.
  15. Compensated.

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