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  1. Can i get comp for my gold now?

    1. PaulS


      I'm going to miss you spamming me at 4 am for some random ass problem.

  2. why you left paul you sort :)

    1. PaulS


      Time to pass the torch onto someone younger, great memories supplied from fuel and neo.

    2. Jamie G

      Jamie G

      well it was nice meeting you and stuff wish you all the best mate i really do


      have a safe journey fella ❤️

  3. 1v1 me wildy osrs 


    P.S I can legit double ur bank

    Sad to see you go mate 

    1. PaulS


      I have to make a new osrs account that doesn't have above a level 50 skill.

    2. Slice


      ;-; i have max main i promise

  4. adios mr management man, you'll always be the biggest gamer on reborn.

    1. PaulS


      An actual idiot.

    2. FoxHound


      take care pauls 👍

  5. The voice of reason is now gone , good luck with whatever paul

    1. PaulS



    2. Hoggie


      Thanks for unbanning me like 57 times xxx

  6. Sad to see you leave. Wish you the best. You were supportive (sometimes) and you're not always rock solid, there's a more positive side towards you. Now go enjoy playing RuneScape you noob

    1. PaulS



  7. Have a good one lad.


    1. PaulS


      Big up the Mogg.

  8. Goodbye sir. Have a good one hope to see you on TS still :(. Thank you for helping me from day 1 pretty much when I was new to the server to my staff rank now. Means a lot. Will miss you buddy 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PaulS
    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Kissing the wrong ass now

    4. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Lol thanks Neo 

      And lol thanks Paul wouldn't expect anything else from you. lol I'm just telling the truth 

  9.  PaulS

    Will miss u babe u smexy warlord

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Joe Darkson

      Joe Darkson

      Tavo where u at son aint seen u in time 

    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Arma is dead to me and I'm too busy going outside, it's scary 😮

    4. Joe Darkson

      Joe Darkson

      Fairplay Lad XD Dont blame ya,  Have a good 1 🍺

  10. good bye sir i shall miss the girl tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. PaulS


      From which girl? Joanna? Charlotte? Lyds? The restraining order? Sophie?

    2. Tom Skyline
  11. I will never forget the early morning chats we had on TS, especially when u come in at 3am talking shit eating food ❤️

    1. PaulS


      I miss pretending I had a complaint about you and then usually a day after I actually did have a complaint.

    2. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Tavo Recommendations = 1

      Tavo Complaints = 1 every hour 🤣

      Good laughs though

      TI PaulS?

      Bring back those .50cal days 😏

  12. Play chess sometime ❤️

    1. PaulS


      When I need my ego boosted.

    2. Lewy


      Or weakened when I smash you x

    3. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      Thought u died lewy 

  13. Lyds

    Gonna miss you hunni, Can't believe you've left us ❤️

    Bye bye little husband ❤️

    1. PaulS


      send nudes

    2. Tom Skyline

      Tom Skyline

      YOU WHAT

    3. Lyds


      Will do hunni @PaulS

  14. He was a leader but not just any leader a great Leader who has now passed on. He will be remembered for the greatness he provided to this community. Although he has now passed he will forever remain in our hearts. 

    1. PaulS


      That is a very lovely speech :( No idea who you are but I want to marry you.

    2. ItzShaddy


      Sorry I'm taken I'm dating Reaper.

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