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  1. PaulS

    I changed your ban from a perm to a 1 day ban since you took the time to appeal it. If you still want to go ahead and get the ban wiped off your record then i will have to speak to mctavish tomorrow about it (he just went to bed) Actioned.
  2. PaulS

    Lets see how round 2 goes. Unbanned.
  3. PaulS

    In the space of 7 minutes you insulted our server 4 times :') Why would you even want to be unbanned? 18/06/2018 20:42 (Side) R3K nice way to welcome ppl to the server fk altis life 18/06/2018 20:46 (Side) R3K rp servers got robbed aswell well done server bk to koth for me 18/06/2018 20:48 (Direct) R3K explain to me why the f ppl even play these server 18/06/2018 20:49 (Side) R3K fuck this shit server
  4. PaulS

    Yup banned by infistar for the text you sent which included "kill all" Unbanned.
  5. PaulS

    Appealable after 3 months. Denied.
  6. PaulS

    Feels like i'm getting trolled these days with the amount of people that put Gabe Newell's steam id. Please use https://steamidfinder.com/ to find your steam id so i am able to find you on our ban list.
  7. PaulS

    A perm is not over the top for you exploiting an in game mechanic but with that said it has been over a year ago the ban so hopefully you won't repeat this. Unbanned.
  8. PaulS

    I said when the holidays start but i meant for the high school kids (you act like one most of the time L O L) so next month you can appeal it. Denied.
  9. PaulS

    <22:43:20> "Hoggie - selling the crew 2": just give us the chance too appael <22:44:21> "PaulS": sure <22:44:48> "Hoggie - selling the crew 2": im gonna take that as a yes , thanks Paul <22:44:57> "PaulS": in 3 months
  10. PaulS

    If you're not fit to play on a vanilla server why would you be allowed on a modded one?
  11. PaulS

    I said you could appeal it when the summer holidays start but from what i hear that isn't for another few weeks. Denied for now.
  12. PaulS

    From Clixxy. Jordd told me and shipman that we can warning shoot with Mk1 aslong as we make it "super obvious". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGpAtdB9lfY&feature=youtu.be im pretty sure that is more than enough to warn him, its just common sense. Also, Ashton is clearly just revenge reporting me as he has shown mulitple times in sidechat that he is mad over me reporting NootNoot and that it was "ratty". Here is how he approached me with it; https://pasteboard.co/HqogKMy.png . seemed like he was more excited over getting revenge over anything else. thanks
  13. PaulS

    The fuck is with that audio?
  14. PaulS

    He went too far? who is he and what happened?
  15. PaulS

    Was your second ban so i changed it to a 48 hour ban. Actioned.

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