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  1. Pretty pathetic of you to post it in this manner but hey if that's your agenda to get something stirring then more power to ya but if you have a complaint you know where to put it. If tivroxx did what you claim he did then yes that is bad, also bad you having an attitude towards him (nevermind killing him) but also towards jason and wrigh (they did nothing wrong from what i can see or hear). It took you 3 minutes and 14 seconds to actually talk to them on teamspeak about anything at all about what you were doing down there and you only said that you shot him. If you and loxton set up this RP thing, don't waste other cops' time by turning up and tell them what was going on.
  2. Since it's your first offence i'll just mark this down as a silly incident by a new player. We don't accept racism of any kind here, especially not in side chat for all to see. Unbanned.
  3. Banned for this report
  4. Over 7 months ago so lets see if you can not screw up this time around. Unbanned.
  5. How old are you btw?
  6. Unbanned at the end of the month and no you'll be forum banned still until we see this amazing change you're bringing us. KappaRoss Actioned.
  7. Ah ok. Denied.
  8. Name of who done it?
  9. Should of only been a month ban since it's your 4th offence. Appealable after 7 days. Denied.
  10. Don't understand how that can be such a laugh writing something in direct chat but whatever. Don't type stupid shit again. Unbanned.
  11. Still you took the time to come to the forums and dispute it so i guess you're sorta serious about playing here, with that said you still exploited so i've put the ban down for a week. Obviously a repeat of that will just be a perm ban with a 3 month minimum appeal. Unbanned in 6 days.
  12. 24 hour ban for first offence. Actioned.
  13. @Scott McTavish can you offer some insight.
  14. Apparently you were passenger seating people not VDM?
  15. Already on it sunshine.

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