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  1. + 1 not only that you'll attract rdmer's from other servers some who are slick & know how not 2 get caught easily and you'll still get you idiots that'll try it for the next couple days going I didn't know already like the wild west half the time as is we see it as medics theres also gang wars sat night that lets you shoot your hearts content out for 4 hour's
  2. Thnkz 🙂 @weefanny ❤️
  3. 1st- you still initiated both on the tires and turn your volume up literally said ge out or you'll b shot which is further initiation 2nd- if I had a recording program that didnt lag my computer I was still fired upon by some1 and yes they were cop's on foot as seen through out the vid no cop's on foot ?? bull you see at least 3 cop's on foot through otu the vid and the cop hoping in the car threatening 2 shoot 3rd - that I pulled in front of nice try I was in the right lane turning right as seen in the video when your fellow cop literally came up the shoulder 200+ miles an hour as seen in the vid and slammed into & VDM'ed ( would like 50k for gun + 40k gear )
  4. KK cop's wasn't recording cause already get crap fps & it'll lag the carp outta my computer or everything below would be backed up by the video // But there was no Initiation is a complete lie you cop's fully initiated 1st - you literally spiked my car for 0 reason as I was not wanted 2nd - you fellow cop's literally said sir get outta the car stop driving or you'll be shot ( as heard it the video ) ( and which is Initiation in in itself ) & yes some1 open fire upon my car as took shots but then 3rd- your fellow cop's then open fire on me as I was driving away / around 4th - your fellow cop as seen in the video tried to VDM me causing my car to blow up 10 sec later ( mean wanna talk bout fully vdming should get comp by the cop for that ) my gang members were already there 2 back me up and in position no less then 10 sec after my car blew up did they shoot so there was no un Initiation
  5. like the symbol / tag

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