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  1. The Casino is used as a money sink so that would just completely remove the purpose of having it
  2. Sounds like you just want a TFU Ifrit tbh
  3. Cops rarely bring a bench to a bank but when they do people cry like you because it’s effective. Benching is a type of game play like CQC and shouldn’t be removed. Next time, bring a scope of your own and kill the pilot xx
  4. @Tidusyou should stream it
  5. And it would just lead to even more gunfights
  6. Throwback

    1. Daniel


      hahah, was that when NPAS don't that showoff event?

    2. JasonMeister


      Yeah nearly a year ago and i was in sfu D:

    3. Daniel


      nearly two years ago, think it was tfu

  7. JasonMeister

    Telos Stairs

    -1 for stairs. Not needed when we have vans and a brain cell.
  8. @PaulS You'll have someone to play with now
  9. It won't let me view this, but I do hope this isn't what I think it is.
  10. SFU Open training in 5mins

  11. NATO could work, but it would be solely a combat orientated faction and I don't think that's what this server needs
  12. Ummmmmmmm? Must be some misunderstanding here ?
  13. New APD is looking really nice x

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