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  1. Jack Afrebalos

    Would say GL... but nah
  2. Jack Afrebalos

    Thanks Donkey Cheers
  3. Jack Afrebalos

    Ephemeral Recruitment is OPEN! Some applicants may be subject to an interview. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: No information available ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements are as follows: 1. Please speak English when online with the gang. 2. Required to know of and understand the server rules of Reborn Roleplay. 3. Must have a working microphone. 4. Must have at least 700 hours on Arma 3 (we are pretty leniant on this one) 5. Must be fairly active. 6. Roleplay is a top priority. 7. Should be financially stable. 8. Respect the chain of command Application template: Name: Arma 3 Hours: Roleplay Background: Previous Gangs: Can anyone vouch for you?: If you want to apply, fill out the above template. If not, comment below with why you are here or check out our roster (linked below). Roster
  4. Jack Afrebalos

    @Johnplease archive
  5. Mr Kev... happy birthday... i have a present for you later XD


    1. Big-Kev


      ow god thanks jacky

  6. Jack Afrebalos

    We try
  7. Jack Afrebalos

    Bullets are a sign of love nah but for real, not my decision... i wasn't patrol lead
  8. Jack Afrebalos

    XD you were
  9. Jack Afrebalos

    @HooplaMunMy gang is always open oink oink... i mean i left cops
  10. Jack Afrebalos

    we got comped as it was never authorised No problem mate #stopDCCabuse
  11. Jack Afrebalos

    Bjorn was absolutely brilliant in a house raid performed yesterday! He kept his calm and attempted to stop an un-named DCC from breaking multiple police rules. Great job mate. @Björn
  12. Jack Afrebalos

  13. Jack Afrebalos

    I know there isnt, accepted on trial
  14. Jack Afrebalos

  15. Jack Afrebalos

    Cheers mate

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