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  1. Nice edit, went from 6.5 to 6, but @Matrox.would probably do a deal for like 5.5 for both or maybe 5...
  2. You can buy them off matrox for 3 mil each #Scam
  3. Police quads are quite rare dude, never get pulled really I have one btw, and will beat his price by 50k (so 450k)
  4. Jack Afrebalos

    Police rp

  5. Jack Afrebalos

    Police rp

    sir yes sir, agreed sir
  6. Jack Afrebalos

    Police rp

    Datthew Marhk, I agree. The police need to be a better example to the server such as these officers were!
  7. Seeing as how there are currently no replies Kev, how bout you sell to me for much lower price, ya?
  8. yeah, but... but.... dammit... was worth a try
  9. 6 if you don't get any other bids ?
  10. 2.4 mil for all that is left?
  11. @xatMinimum increase of 100k but still, 1.7mil
  12. Could work depending on how it would be implemented. Obviously, it wouldn't be pay to win. There would have to be an xp based system I guess which allows possibly cosmetic only unlocks? Could be interesting for people with not much else to do...

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