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  1. Jack Afrebalos

  2. Jack Afrebalos

    1.25 right now?
  3. Jack Afrebalos

  4. Jack Afrebalos

    Sure message me on Teamspeak
  5. Jack Afrebalos

  6. Jack Afrebalos

    5 bucks is 5 bucks
  7. Jack Afrebalos

    Thanks man, means a lot. Thanks man. #LoveyouTooBabezzz It was my pleasure Mr Wanderer Maybe :/
  8. Well, Police Academy.... that's a new step for me XD

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    2. ..S..


      Do my PA or die

    3. Jack Afrebalos

      Jack Afrebalos

      @Seymour Buttslater man, I gotta finish school :/

    4. ..S..


      You better run home like @Slothdoes on the daily to get to your PC

  9. Jack Afrebalos

    Really great role player who will play a situation out for as long as it takes. Great guy in general. @Wanderer
  10. Jack Afrebalos

    @Matthew Darhk, our time together has been so precious; i don't think that i could be with anyone else!
  11. Jack Afrebalos

    Thanks guys! First game night is tonight!!!!
  12. Jack Afrebalos

    Hello Everyone! If you don't know me already, my name is Jack. I run a gang called the UN and we are mostly comprised of cops. That however is not the interesting part... Every friday and saturday evening, at about 8pm (GMT), I will be running Cards Against Humanity in my gang channels! This will be in the room titled "Game Night" and will allow anyone who wants to play a game of cards, to come and do so. The channel will be open for 10 minutes after 8pm and will then be locked with a password (to avoid too many people coming in) We also have two custom "reborn themed" card decks (courtesy of @L. Honore [AT727][1-TL-27] , @Hybridand Myself). As i understand it mine is more offensive I will post any updates below on what is going on with game night. I hope to see you all there! - Jack Afrebalos
  13. Jack Afrebalos

    i literally already did this Thanks for this tho
  14. Jack Afrebalos

    @Liam Scottmostly legal stuff as the majority of us (who are active) are cops or friends of cops.
  15. Jack Afrebalos

    @L. HonoreMate, i'm always here if you need to unload some shit... i know what you are going through; same has been happening to me for the last couple of years. As i say, if you want to talk to me, hit me up on Discord.

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