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  1. ^F7.oB


  2. ^F7.oB

  3. ^F7.oB

    vanguard, military opfor faction
  4. ^F7.oB

    exclusive footage of dec right before making this
  5. ^F7.oB

    ill post a pic 1 sec
  6. ^F7.oB

    In-game name: ^F7.oB Steam ID: 76561198164367293 Date of ban: 10/20/18 Reason for ban: 8.1 Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was unjustified because im not the owner of the ts and i have never handed out ips kimi is the leader, as far as i was aware kimi was the one sharing ips and he was kicked out the gang for it and i have tried my best to prevent dossing. Why should we unban you? you should unban me because i have no control over the flow of ips all i can do is tell them to stop, and kick them out which is what i have tried to do, i feel like i shouldnt be banned because you have reasonable suspicion that im the one giving out ips just because im leader, my gang leader tag only allows me to move gang members and kick them out the channel.
  7. ^F7.oB

    accepted on strict trial come ts.
  8. ^F7.oB

    auctions closed @AustiN msg me
  9. ^F7.oB

  10. ^F7.oB

    AUCTION FORMAT Item:Police Hunter Proof of ownership: Buy now price:3.5mil Starting bid:2mil Minimum bid increment:100k End date:18/10/18
  11. ^F7.oB

    As i said you can see in the vid moments before the crash i desynced which was me lagspiking, i was going too fast and i wasnt able to pull up in time which is why you can see me attempting to pull up moments before the crash, this doesnt make it right however i tried my best to resolve and he didnt care at all I was going around fast and trying to get close to it in order to bait the shots away from the other orca in order to get the pilot confused on which one to shoot ,i was planning on going in front of him, take a quick turn and go next to the orca with guns and take off at the same time unfortunately i miscalculated and as i was about to pull up to go on top of him and make the turn i lag spiked and the speed of the orca was too fast and by the time i had stopped lag spiking it was too late even a hard pull couldnt save it hence why i was so keen on resolving as i knew i had done wrong and couldnt do anything, the vdm wasnt intentional at all i was simply trying to distract it but failed miserably due to the lag spike
  12. ^F7.oB

    Accepted come ts for ip
  13. ^F7.oB

    he told me to come liaison 20 min later so i didnt save anything unfortunately when you came back you started shooting at the same orca that you were shooting at the start, the same outcome wouldve happened, you wouldve been shot by attach anyway as he was there so the outcome didnt get changed at all
  14. ^F7.oB

    as i was coming towards him i speeding up, as i was getting closer and closer you could see that i desynced a little as i lag spiked and i was pulling up at the last second, unfortunately i failed and got the hellcat destroyed, however i did come liaison and cheesecake decided to ignore my apologies and my attempts to give comp as he was too busy listening to tactical venom, so as i was currently in a combat sit i muted up in order to receive comms, cheesecake then left without leaving a message, i then saw the report and told him'i thought we resolved' and he decided to ignore me for an hour, i then made a last attempt to give him comp and he said this <16:27:08> "cheesecake": i beleive it was intentional, i do not want comp as i didnt lose anything. the report will stay up and you will recieve what is given to you by an admin hes basically refused to resolve the situation, i believe it is unjust to put a report up on me as he came back a minute later and started spraying anyway, i tried to pull up it was completely my fault as i did tell him in liaison and ive apologised several times, even going as far as to try to offer comp even tho he didnt loose anything whereas i lost a full loadout, hes refusing to solve the situation. again i will happily give comp just as i said even though he didnt loose anything. He also came back with the hellcat so i dont see the problem here ive made multiple attempts to resolve however hes refused to resolve the situation, im not here reporting for his NLR break.

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