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    Altis Life Plus

    If you are apart of the NHS or Police, will you have to re-apply for that server as well or will you be able to do an interview or something. Edit: Is there a current release date or an estimated release date for the server?
  2. SGR

    Altis Life Plus

    I fully agree with what Caatalyst said. I think having the server done through ArmaSync can get very annoying and is very confusing for new players. I mean when I first did it, it took me ages to figure it out. I think having a Workshop Collection everyone can subscribe to and then play would increase your player count even more. On a side note though, I would love to see this Modded Altis Life+ server, it seems like a very cool idea and I think, if done right, it could turn into a very big thing. I would love for Police, NHS and other factions to be better and bigger, have more customisations for everything and just overall increasing the RP. I also think you should focus more on performance rather than the amount of stuff as most people who play Arma have a mid-spec PC and it would be very laggy for it to have dozens of mods. Overall, I can not wait for this, I will definitely be on there to be apart of the Police Force or even any other Faction.

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