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  1. You may aswell slap a perm on there because I know that’s the outcome as I don’t have a POV
  2. Wouldn’t that spoil the element of surprise ?
  3. So sorry it could emotionally effect you like this :’( my sincere apologies
  4. The first part wasn’t toxicity it was a joke and then I pressed d Instead of a , common mistake for a nugget like me on a keyboard , However you were in the middle of the road so this could be a 50/50. Upon me getting out and shooting was to warn the medic away as u just killed a member of my gang. Immediately upon arrival in my car u went to spike me anyways for some reason. Beside that back to the no value of life I was looking to my left at you so I can only see 2 officers in my FOV
  5. J Darkson


    In-game Name: J.. Steam ID: 76561198393470882 Date of the incident: 05/19/19 Time of the incident: 22:00 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 8 mk-1's , 1 mk-18 , 2 Lim's 4 LRPS and 4 7.62 suppressors. Please provide as much detail as possible: the whole evening my game was buggy asf , wasn't getting the storage box that paul gave me in the vid and also i wasn't getting any money transferred https://gyazo.com/c39c8ae3a335e32e11a519449fcb7fbe . checking my transactions to see nothing there . I took controls of the heli and it immediately flipped forward and blew us up. Me being tilted asf as to how long it took XD Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRhTIdNqFac&feature=youtu.be start is proof of items and the end is where the shit happens. pls help<3
  6. J Darkson

    J.. Report

    we had two cops hostage rocco being the SGT and another being a DI , we took them in two separate DMT's as i let my Lt negotiate with other officers. After proceeding with negotiations my Lt told me to kill my hostage so i did as i was told.
  7. +1 ya cheeky wee shite bag , absolute gamer montage ! 🍆
  8. https://gyazo.com/1a96db0f414d048cab9f47676089e89e ❤️
  9. "J Darkson": what do you think ? <22:36:58> "PaulS": looks alright, you should send that to a dev tbh fuck off paul 😂❤️
  10. Idea for a blackwater skinned SUV so nobody mistakes them for rebels , picks a fight with them and get absolutely penetrated by the other 9000 members 🤣 But seriously this was just an idea for a Blackwater SUV skin. The camo might not be the same blend it was an interpretation but that can always be tweaked. What do you guys think?

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