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  1. J£J

    this seems as It could go places . if I have to leave cops for this then I will as john has . Supply the stunt planes and trails XD HOURS ON ARMA 836 REBEL LICENCE: BOTH PREVIOUS GANGS : ORACLE ][ GANKY TOES ][ SUM OTHER SHIT ROLEPLAY SKILLS : GOD / 9 1/2 COMBAT SKILL : 9 1/2 ][ BOT KILLER BANK = STACKED -J Darkson-
  2. J£J

    +1 *takes eggplant out of Epics moth*
  3. J£J

    ik I meme quite a lot but im not that fucking stupid to shoot genesis in the head . Especially at an event I already know that's an insta ban . I do know who that was shooting with the bot movements and spamming V . But I do know that as it was on my account I have to take responsibility . @Neo
  4. J£J

    In-game name: J Darkson Steam ID: 76561198393470882 Date of ban: 07/20/2018 Reason for ban: ^ I resolved an issue with neo and fuel yesterday . I was told to wait for the midnight restart however it was around half 8 on Thursday (yesterday) . so I went to sleep and waited for tomorrow (today) and tried to get on at half 10 . it then said I was banned by jim at 23:32 or something like that yesterday as it said the ban expires on the 26/07/2018 so I got a 7 day ban when I wasn't even on the server XD Staff member that banned you: Jimboke Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: pretty sure jim banned the wrong person Why should we unban you? <3 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/451515665447125008/469984532301348865/unknown.png
  5. J£J

    I am , spoke to fuel to see if it was infistar he said he fixed it and wait till restart but ye so ill wait till tomo . my id is 40161 or sum shit .
  6. J£J

    omega lul
  7. J£J

    where is genesis XD ? @Neo @Genesis
  8. J£J

    no I wasn't , I was afk on the stairs waiting for the dq race . I was having a piss mate . @Neo
  9. J£J

    what was I doing XD I was waiting for the last race , went to urinate … canme back and I was banned @Neo
  10. J£J

    In-game name: J Darkson Steam ID: 76561198393470882 Date of ban: 07/19/2018 Reason for ban: infistar or genesis ? XD Staff member that banned you: unknown/genesis/neo ❤️ Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: don't know , last time this happened I spoke to fuel about it and he fixed it but hes dnd and I don't know what the fuck to do anymore XD Why should we unban you? cuz I love reborn and I need a distraction from the rest of my life it happened at the race event , I went for a waz came back and wam It stated 'you were banned'
  11. J£J


  12. J£J

    PCC ______ . ?? @Adam Briggs
  13. J£J

    Ask the owner of the video .. XD @Adam Briggs
  14. J£J

    Also , anyone in the world can clearly hear that I say at 17m 4 seconds 'see ya later enjoy your time' … nt but u cannot edit words into peoples mouths ❤️ @Fuel @Adam Briggs
  15. J£J

    the first 2 mins of the vid , u explained a rule which isn't a rule . this being pulling a gun as a form of initiation , when its not . you gave no verbal initiation hence your ban for 24 hours . And we kept it perfectly within rp as we said you where going to get 'deported' or 'do a magic trick' which u clearly hear in the video . We tried to get you in ts to talk . I personally was watching the lobby to see when you joined and you never did , u didn't message either of us also. No warning points tavo as I was talking throughout most of the video and involved in the situation which got him his ban . XD ❤️

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