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  1. There just isn't enough gang right now to need only 50 players on the server. The 4pm warzone is basically just a free cash grab for the biggest gang thats on, which is making the economy worse than it already is. Either: - Make it so that there is only one warzone a day (8pm) - Make it so that there has to be more players on. E.g 70-80 (which is when warzones are the best) OR - Keep the warzone at 50 players, but majorly reduce the amount of money you make from warzones. It's OP. This is a good compromise for everyone, gangs that don't want to fight and just want to hold there point and get money can still do so at the less chaotic points, But they still have to put up some sort of fight and not sit in a bush or a house for an hour and make 5 million because nobody is online. It is called warzone afterall. Expecting a lot of waaa's but oh well.
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