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  1. definitely think there needs to be more things to get people to play rebel +1 from me scott.supergamingtime
  2. zener

    ckj | RR 1

    swear u can hear @Cozzain every single one of these clips
  3. zener


    ive got a bunk bed but only got 1 matres on it ? can i stay in pls?
  4. zener

    mushroom dmt

    no, i hate tower lag
  5. In-game name: zener Steam ID: 76561198172179287 Date of ban: 06/21/19 Reason for ban: "TS ability abuse" - i gave sir the CSO tag to sir and dragged him out of the channel. Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Probably not unjustified, i did it and its against the rules. Why should we unban you? Because it was just a joke between friends, nobody was annoyed or offended or upset by me moving sir out, and it didnt have any effect anyway. Didnt really realise it was that big of a rule break, definitely didn't think it was something you could get permed for as its something i see people do all the time. I now understand that its heavily not allowed and i wont abuse my tags again.
  6. we are never gunna be allowed to say we dont snipe again
  7. ye u might wanna hide that gangs app page
  8. zener

    2 gang bases

    we limited it to 12, just before it got removed, but then other cops would come aswell as like NPAS ect So aslong as there where restrictions in place it would be chill at like 10.
  9. zener

    keith 1

    Holy frick u are good at this game
  10. "athero has never landed a parachute" well ye, he wont when theres 4 of u spraying him
  11. zener

    Meal Deal

    love my boots meal deals at work +1 from me x

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