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    1. ye ikr 3 years playing arma never seen this at this distance anyway
    2. @Charlie. whats happening with this report, no rule breaks in the vidio?
    3. also i would liek to add that you look behind directly at me once i start the initiaton so u must of heard me talking even in your recording i can clearly here me say the initaition
    4. 1 i inititated on you from behind and 2 ur using a fake hostage btw you can hear me in the background faintly cause ur talking but i did initaita and no i dont have any POV as i persumed he heard the initiation also i would like to add there was no intent to resolve i recieved no messages so why you marked that as yes i have no idea
    5. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      you say you where bored replying but yet here you are replying hmm i suggest @Charlie.you close the post until ur going to deal with it
    6. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      clearly you dont understand basic english i said "I wasnt going to go anywhere" WASNT past tense if you know what that means then i said becuase u started being toxic after i told you to stop shooting my heli i went to a report instead
    7. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      called you a mug and a freak dont see anything wrong with that never said this, liek to continue and see what staff think of it
    8. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      ok now whos being cringe i insulted you withing a rp situation, i wasnt toxic out of rp i think you need to learn the difference you was toxic out of rp nothing wrong with insulting someone in game
    9. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      wym by get us both banned i done nothing wrong in that situation ?
    10. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      never said that i said "i wasnt going to" but clearly u dont care, what wasted my time was being shot out the sky nearly killing me and being knocked out makign it so my friend on the cap died thats what wasted my time
    11. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      i wasnt going to go anywhere but for no reason u started being toxic, i dont see why u started being 2 face makes no sense to me wasn't going to report until you started slating me. there is no need for it i dont come on arma to get slated by people over a game i play to have a good time and ppl like you is what ruins it.
    12. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      1 i only cut it to make the clip easier to the report and 2 thats why the resolve part says no ? there is no grudge against you, u where pissing me off so i couldnt go help my mate on a point and then started being toxic so of course i would reprt no need for it dont break rules then u wont be report, and then end part was you, you can ses it clear as day
    13. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      ye it was multiple recordings so i put them together to make it easier
    14. .Ronoc

      habbibi Report

      In-game name: .Ronoc Name of the player(s) you are reporting: habbibi Date of the incident: 11/22/20 Time of the incident: 22:30 What rule do you believe was broken: shooting and knocking me out in a gz Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/0I0pfAhHHUg Describe the incident: wasnt goign to do anything about the knocking out but after i tried to leave him and someone else started to shoot my Heli and shot it down into the water for no reason didnt want to resolve as after the fact they where being toxic and its a clear troll
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