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  1. Looking to buy rare vehicles or armed qulins message offers
  2. Wait 10 mil buy now most of the guns are not rare and you have very little attachments to be worth buying in bulk if you had maybe 25 or more 7.62 supressors it would sell
  3. I don’t think he has a 3 minute vid you can clearly see the lagswitch and it’s obviously rdm all we are wanting is to get comp for our gear and weed
  4. +1 as he wouldnt come up over to us also u wanted evidence of them killing medics here a report of that
  5. someone pmed me a higher bid i didnt see it sorry but i still have auctions of other guns like types supressed and stuff for cheap if ur intersted
  6. this is the medic that the guy killed in the other report against this person joe w @Joe. W
  7. u never messaged me at all and as i said i initiated he failed to comply so i killed him and threaten to report me also was a rulebreak which i was going to report but i felt like it was not nesacary the rtc rule only counts if a member of my gang / faction was involved in the RTC which here u can see was not it was ur shitty driving that got u both killed, not my fault as i could slam into another car and claim the RTC and be untouchable this is why the rule is like that
  8. In addition to this he then kills 2 medics
  9. you won the auction if you are still intersted

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