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Thanks for trying out the earlier time of Gang Wars! This was only a trial run, and will be back to 8pm - 12am next week!




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    i didnt exploit for shit i was in combat stance trying to get a angle within the DMT, i dont have a pov as i didnt save it as i had no need to. also theres no evidence i did or did not i wouldnt exploit such a petty reason and if i did wouldnt u htink i would use it to my advantage? like after i looked i would of rushsed or something but i didnt. in arma ur gun goes through the floor in certain stnaces that just the game
  2. nah its cool the highest i would pay for all 3 is 6 mil as i would be buying bulk, remember its 1.2 in cut prices too so it would cost me just over 7 mil anyway so if i did sell them in the future i wouldnt even break even on how much i spent
  3. nah im good to overpriced for me
  4. singles, kavala clips, mk20 clips and hobo kills and roaches eeee
  5. 7 mil for all is kinda expensive ill pay 4 for 2 but not 7 for 3 they are worth like 2 mil ish
  6. sometimes gangs down know if they still own a zone for example if its contested but its still owned by the gang sometimes people forget, i suggest to add a section in the organasations app that tells what zones are Owned and maybe some other infomation for example the income that zone is earning every 15 minutes or something. this should be easily made and will help a lot of gangs in knowing what they own

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