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  1. I agree he shouldn't respawn whilst you were sat on his body and a tourniquet had been applied, but there could have been an additional circumstance which caused him to feel it was okay to respawn. What would you like from this report?
  2. I'd need one long video instead of 2, as anything can happen between these cuts. Also, you shouldn't log out of the server, or respawn during any form of roleplay. @JayyyyyDo you have one video of the whole situation?
  3. Connor Benson

    JAW [CSRT]

    I'll reduce the ban to 24 hours instead. Don't let me see you do this again.
  4. As @lil.nazzdoesn't want comp, and would like for you to be punished I will be giving you a ban. However, I respect that you've admitted you did it and made a mistake so I'll take that into consideration with your ban length. Report Accepted.
  5. Duplicate. Report Closed.
  6. Will give the reported some time to respond.
  7. At the end of the day, armaggedon is the one that RDMed, he should be commenting on this report, but as he hasn't in the 20+ hours that this report has been up he'll be receiving punishment. In addition, you saying "dont touch it, I'll take you to the governement website if you touch it - I've got the id of your friend that hit us" - This is poor rp. You will also be punished for this. As for Ravo, next time don't make comments like as it's not necessary. Report Accepted.
  8. Armageddon is the one that shot and killed him with no initiation. therefore RDM. He's being reported and should be replying to this aswell. Just because he didn't listen to your request of not taking your shit, doesn't mean he can be shot. No threat was made, and no gun was pointed so why would he listen? @Ravowhat would you like to come from this report?
  9. Will give the reported some time to respond.
  10. Will give the reported some time to respond.
  11. Report Denied. Due to the lag and choppiness of the video it's hard to tell if you had enough time to comply.

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