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  1. Post the link for the video here, or send it to me on PM.
  2. Connor Benson


    Appeal Denied. In your perspective of the incident, there was no lag seen. You also didn't mention any lag when you were reported, seems to me like you're making up an excuse now.
  3. Report Accepted. Ban Issued.
  4. After your cars collided he is allowed to leave. You shouldn't initiate once you've hit his car. He also turned whilst you were initiating but you had started shooting as you finish saying "Get out of the car or I shoot you". @EnzoWill you be willing to accept comp?
  5. @JoaquinFirstly, you VDM him by turning into him. You can say you were trying to make a roadblock, but you didn't give enough time for him to stop. Upon VDMing him, he gets out to talk to you, once he begins driving off you initiate ( Breaking rule 1.7, Traffic Collisions ). Then, once you have initiated, you don't give much time for him to comply.
  6. @EnzoI believe you're Kattana, yeah? If so, would you like to explain? Will give time for the reported to respond.
  7. Connor Benson

    1738 Report

    This player is currently being reported by someone else in the same gang as you about the same situation. To me, it doesn't look like he intentionally closed it on you. @.Noabecause you're dealing with the other report in the same situation, want to look at this too?
  8. Y > Settings > Altis Life (i thinks) > Hide Hex Names. - or something
  9. Events like this are what really disappoints me. Baby Shark is so fkin annoying xd
  10. Beautiful Lad, only go to him!

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