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  1. I don't believe the rulebreak was intentional, I feel that the BW member that killed you and your driver was just not correctly informed to not yet shoot. Rather than him intentionally shooting you, if you guys don't want to go to TS regarding this issue then I'll be denying this report as I don't believe it's intentional rulebreaking. Therefore, Report Denied.
  2. Firstly, you've said you attempted to resolve, yet in the report said you haven't so make sure it's clear on the answer. Secondly, I'd like for both parties to get into TS and try to resolve this as I believe this rulebreak is just a mistake that happened due to poor communications/miscommunications, rather than intentional rulebreaks.
  3. Upon rewatching the video and noticing the inability for the reported to admit his mistakes etc, it's made me realise that a resolution won't be made. Therefore, the report will accepted and the player will be banned.
  4. Leonidas, I'd just like to make it clear that you should continue to roleplay even in these situations. Just keep the roleplay going whilst making sure you've recorded so you can later report it. This being said, I will give the reported time to respond.
  5. Connor Benson


    Report Closed, situation sorted.
  6. This wasn't just playing a soundboard though, it was one of a racist nature and was brought to my attention by the streamer present in the room. Due to this fact, I feel you still need to be punished but I'm happy to reduce the ban from a permanent ban as I believe in chances and would like to think this is a mistake. Don't let it happen again. Ban Reduced to 24 hours.
  7. Connor Benson


    As it's hard to tell if this vdm was intentional, I'd like for you guys to get into TS at an agreed time to discuss this with a staff member present - Doing so will hopefully allow for you to resolve the situation, without the need of this report.
  8. Report Closed as requested.
  9. Report accepted, this is extremely poor rp from the guy.
  10. Due to no response, report has been accepted.
  11. Will give the reported some time to respond.
  12. Alright, report accepted.
  13. Will give the reported time to reply, can I ask why this wasn't resolved and lead to a report?

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