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  1. In-Game Name: Downfall Why would you want to join The Spartan’s?: I want to join a gang with experience and a decent amount of members, and I also want to be able to trust the people that have my life in their hands because obviously i dont enjoy dying, and this seems like the best gang for that. You guys seem dedicated as i always see at least 2 TS members on at a time, which is great. Are you regular or advanced rebel?: Regular Have you ever been banned? If so, what reasons: Yes, whenever I quit arma a few years ago I went on a server and trolled a little bit but that's all, no hacking or anything. Obviously I shouldn't have done it but since I thought I would never be back I thought I would have a little bit of fun, didn't mean to ruin people's experiences which i get is what I probably did. What experience have you got with roleplay?: I've played multiple altis life servers( around 1300 hours i'd say) and also went on to play a little bit of takistan and a3l. I've never played GTA RP or any other rp games, only arma. What are your strengths?: Strategy, Flying(somewhat, a little rusty), Combat (mid range, max distance 500m is comfortable) What are your weaknesses?: Probably my RP (I'm not the biggest talker, im not the type to go up to someone to start a convo but if one is started with me i'll talk), That's probably it. And this doesnt mean I am just a kill on sight type of guy, I'm just not as comfortable talking with strangers as most people are. How much hours have you got in Arma 3: 1731 If required, are you able to take leadership?: Depends what kind of leadership you mean, I can probably make good combat plans and take control of a gunfight if the leader dies, I'm pretty decent at predicting where people would be and how people usually think in a gunfight so that might be good for a leader to have. I am also pretty good at telling when a situation is going to be bad so I would be able to get our guys out of there or set them up as best as i can to help us win. What possible benefits would we gain from accepting you?: I would help you with whatever you need me to do for the gang, no questions asked. Why should we even accept you?: I am a dedicated, loyal and "intelligence driven" individual that can help in gunfights or whatever you need from me How would you rate your roleplay (1/10): 5/10 How would you rate your driving (1/10): 7/10 How would you rate your flying (1/10): 8/10 How would you rate your combat (1/10): 9/10 Why is being able to work in a team important?: A team is more sturdy than a single man is, A team will always have your back, and A team will achieve a great deal more than a lone wolf. (not quoted by the way) What made you leave your previous gang(s)?: I didn't have a previous gang, but what made me apply is that I'm tired of playing alone and being nervous to do drug runs by myself, I want to be able to have guys that I trust to watch my back and be able to watch theirs. Are you capable of taking commands without questions?: Yes, no issues with that, If i disagree with something I would hope I'd be allowed to make suggestions though. Would you put your gear and finance above your teammates? No, gear is replaceable, I have no problem dying for the cause as well.

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