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    Ingame name : Downfall Hours on arma: 1750 Roleplay skill: 6/10 About you: I am 19 years old, from the United States. I've been playing arma 3 for a few years now, took a break for about a year but now im looking to start back up again. I mainly just play video games for fun, some of the other games i play are call of duty, league of legends, and pubg. All these will pretty much not be played at all if I find a gang I truly enjoy as all my time will be spent grinding Arma again. RP background: I started out on blackwing and after that I went to takistan and then a3l. Took a large break for about a year or so but now im back. Altis is my bread and butter though, I probably have about 1500/1750 hours just on altis life servers. What sort of gang are you interested in?:I can be swayed to join any sort of gang, I have experience protecting civs and working with cops, and also I have fought against everyone that wasn't a part of the gang. So whatever type of gang it is, I can be swayed to join it.

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