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  1. I responded to something he said in chat, does not mean i was using information in game to kill you. Not to blow smoke up my own ass but i dont need extra information to get a kill. Your reporting for no reason i responded to your stream that was it. you reported me for the same thing last time
  2. so what? i typed in side chat saying it was a different guy. attempting to resolve the other situation you were falsely reporting someone for. It did not affect your in game ability's what so ever so how's it stream sniping? @Charlie. he said he is reporting us for commenting in direct chat in response to something he said in his stream. This didn't affect anything in game. is there a rule stopping me from doing that?
  3. Dont record playsTv is messed up atm.
  4. your not trying to resolve anything. we were flying to north rebel and saw a hemmit on fire so we landed there. i only knew it was you when i robbed your body and it said conway kettle. then i started watching your stream. i was typing that in chat to try resolve the other situation. how was that stream sniping? simply trying to resolve the other situation which you were clueless about. Some pretty poor rp for not talking to us when we took you hostage. So much for the golden boy of the rules. Try resolve ffs stop rushing to reports.
  5. i can deal with the stream sniping thing im not focusing on this atm. just come to teamspeak and be civil for once not calling us '<inappropriate2>s and wankers' on our streams. conway dont go calling us stupid your actually being so dumb there different fucking people mate. how can you compare the voices when ones shouting? hello? come to bravo ffs
  6. haven't read anything yet. come to ts to talk about this cuz your going wild. in bravo channel

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