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  1. Saul Richman

    what shit editing, guess i didn't teach you enough banana boy smh nice one bro
  2. Saul Richman

    Alright to start of, you are saying about how money is too easy to make and that is a "FACT!!" it is your personal viewpoint to start off. people buy loadouts and therefore use the money they made, people come to fight and therefore runs are supposed to be balanced and the risk/reward should balance the time or risk of doing that certain action. All the runs need to have positives and negatives, i understand why LSD was considered OP as people ONLY did lsd and no other drug, but by taking away LSD they need to provide another alternative to balance what was removed/replaced. so therefore purifier was provided for the people who want to take the extra mile and get even more money from their drug, by going into redzone and going into a place which they can get shot at anytime for a small amount of benefit, why the fuck would you go there?. the risk is too high for the reward that is too low so it needs to be buffed as it was introduced into the server to provide another risk factor for the person doing it. we arent discussing any other runs but just the purifier buff so i really dont understand why you keep on repeating the same point as if your a broken recorder, if you think that money is easy to get then thats your opinion, but if another 50 come and say that money is too hard it is easy to see what the actual community thinks of the runs. not everyone can dedicate half their life to doing runs like you.
  3. Saul Richman

    big 1+, some of the best fights and was truly looking forward to the gang base fights back then as it was fun for both the attackers and defenders, currently they are very annoying to try and push and is massively based towards defenders side but it should be more equal. Right now they just induce lag and the entrances are very narrow so if even one car dies at the entrance it will fuck up the whole push.
  4. Saul Richman

    BBD, good roleplayer, zaibiz saukstas blet
  5. Saul Richman

  6. Saul Richman

    lmao says the simpson, "oh fallen change the song to rap" nice one speng
  7. Saul Richman

  8. Saul Richman

    NEED INFO MAN Nice one bro 💓
  9. Saul Richman

  10. Saul Richman

  11. Saul Richman

    adaptive crosshair smh
  12. Saul Richman

  13. Saul Richman

    x for ops
  14. Saul Richman

    shotgun nose

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