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  1. ..S..

    add it with the gun, 5.56 and make it purchasable, because noone goes near the water anyway
  2. ..S..

    Make it so you have to be still to bring them out
  3. ..S..

    Add the spar 16-S to advanced rebel. @Joshhand @Hoggie both posted suggestions about the mk200 a while ago, and I beleive it was denied because the mk200 is too "op" to be uncraftabale. However the Spar16-s is craftable yet it is not nearly as good as the mk200 is, it can add a new dynamic to combat, and get people to use different guns than t115 and mk1's (Although not a replacement)
  4. ..S..

    [CSU] Goldshot
  5. ..S..

    What kind of 3D printer do you have?
  6. ..S..

    just shoot them out
  7. ..S..

    n1 lad 1:06 blatant hacks called by legit player
  8. Why did BW get a buff to there pawnee/hellcat if everyone wanted it gone?

    edit; Can you still shoot ground targets?

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    2. Tommy C
    3. ..S..



      Ghosthawk can shoot anything in red zone aswell btw ( including infantry )

      U wot

    4. Epic


      Wait what, no the ghosthawk can only shoot at mraps including the redzone.. where did u get that from @Cheesecake

  9. ..S..

    smh script user
  10. ..S..

    Now this, is EPIC!
  11. ..S..

    n1 (You know what used to be here
  12. ..S..

    Going off another post by @Kaane Replace the APD in BW ladns to Neochori, then put a blackwater major robbery in the APD area, or at the barracks and lighthouse at the very top of the map.

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