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  1. Tidus

    It doesn't necessarily have to be whitelisted tho you can make a gang that's a PMC and talk to police to see if you can cooperate together.
  2. Tidus

    Was actually a lot of fun RPing with you both even with the very bad tour guides and the mass kick. You both deserve a lot of credit for your roleplay, the best part about it is that there was no planning, I like that you made a small idea, didn't have a document and it was all improvised and not scripted... That always leads to the best RP situations... Thanks for the RP and the recommendation lads we were there for almost 2 hours but it was fun for the entire time. Lol i put in a holiday request form but i don't think it was accepted.
  3. Tidus

    @Fury instead of epi-pens why not have a few locations on the map where you can go to by say loading your friend into a car driving them over there then use whatever this location does and it revives them... Like a self-checkout lol... but you know what I mean, it helps medics out and solves your problem... I dunno if this would be a better idea, of course, there would be similar rules/scripts in place to prevent abuse. The only reason I thought of this is that a few days ago there were 6 medics online all doing training so we pulled out a van and went around picking up as many downed people as possible and taking them to the hospital to get them revived, it was actually decent RP and pretty fun.
  4. Tidus

    oh fair enough it would make sense it redzone but not everywhere else.
  5. Tidus

    Why would combat reviving be a good thing? its the most annoying thing ever when you kill people then a few mins later they are back in the fight due to a combat reviving medic. Fights never end.
  6. Tidus

    Would be people combat reviving all over the place and during every fight, It would give admins so much more work as now they have combat reviving all over the place... Would actually be the most abused system ever. Giving civs the ability to revive should never be an option, leave it to the medics. It's a no from me Bob
  7. the help you die of boredom... 


    1. Ryannn


      Yessss, took the advice 

    2. Tidus



  8. Told ya so... lol

    1. Enrah


      yep no rp what so ever mate, but we were having good rp until that happened no worries though :)

  9. Tidus

    sounds good to me but like every1 else says without the 200k and think of a prize for cops
  10. Tidus

    There's no need for this to be added really tbh, you can always roleplay as a Lawyer, ask any blackout member. You can roleplay as pretty much anything you don't need a licence for it
  11. Tidus

    In-game name: Viozo Steam ID: 76561198238272752 Date of ban: 05/02/2018 Reason for ban: Toxic Behaviour Staff member that banned you: Management Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No I think my ban was fully justified. I know that I shouldn't have done what I did, I deeply apologize for my actions and promise that it wont happen again. I can not erase what I have done but I can learn from my mistakes and move forward knowing what I done wrong and trying to prevent myself from doing something like this again. I promise that if I am unbanned I will read over the rules and make sure I know them the best that I can before I go in game. Why should we unban you? I know that I have not had a good ban history on this server but I really do love playing on this server and would love another chance. I would like to be able to play with my friends again. I have learned from the mistakes I previously made and will apologize to Abdul for what I said to him. I really enjoy playing on this server despite the impression I might have previously given. I really would just like one more chance on the server. I am willing to be a part of any whitelisted faction to prove that I have changed. I apologize to all the staff for the trouble I have caused through out my time here. I have being banned for a long time now and I feel that I have learned my lesson, I have read the rules and made sure that if I am unbanned that I will not let something like this happen again. I really do hope that you will consider giving me another chance on this server as I do miss playing with my friends and just playing the server in general. I have been a member of this community for a long time now and have had fun for all of it I really would not like my time on this server to end like this. I do hope this isnt insta denied and you give me a chance. Thank you for taking your time to read this. All i am asking for is a chance what is the worst that can happen. Thanks
  12. If your dying of boredom....


    1. Ryannn


      Should be captioned if you want to die of boredom.


      jk tidus ❤️

    2. Paul D

      Paul D

      how convenient! ... oh wait...

  13. If any of ya wanna watch


    1. Epic


      league of legends? no chance

    2. Majdoodiz


      Nice man Keep The good work up :)

  14. Tidus

    Thats a no from me.

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