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  1. @Jaconite Nice Vanguard app btw, looks strangely familiar, 




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    2. Rage


      @Tidus no longer admin, forever laying the law

    3. Battl^^Eye


      Jaconite I’ve known you since SAW... please attempt to do something the right way rather than the wrong way, which you take every time you do something. :/

    4. lorde


      yeah jaconite you've turned into such a toxic little boy!

  2. In-game Name: Tidus Steam ID: 76561198152234925 Date of the incident: 02/22/2018 Time of the incident: N/A Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 1 big house, 1 small house, 1 garage Please provide as much detail as possible: Lost when new housing system came out. Any Evidence Available: N/A
  3. So can i get some info on why i was kicked out of admin, been a couple of days now, I've asked around and some people have said inactivity others have said because of some rumours but i have absolutely no idea, It would be nice to know as everybody is asking me but all i can say is "no idea nobody has told me anything but all my stuff has been removed". It also would of been nice to be informed before getting kicked, i mean if i can talk to a random hobo before banning them I'm sure you can talk to me before kicking me out of staff team. Thanks in advance because I'm pretty sure everybody would like to know why.

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    2. ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt)

      ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt)

      apparently fuel is though thanks Neo appreciate it! btw for your own clarification @Fuel I was working literally 55 hours a week through December with uni assignments on top of that and for you to say I did nothing is childish and just shows you don't appreciate people. I'd love to see you spend hours on end in support room dealing with people shouting at you for comp. the only time I ever see you on ts is with dnd tags on and in your own lounge. Yes you may do weekly updates with Joe leaving but you will never get the respect I have from the community as I actually talk to people and respect that even though people have things going on in their life, they still manage to come and socialise and put time into your server. Have some respect for christ sakes.

      and next time you want to remove people, fucking move them into a channel and tell them yourself for christ sake.

      and yeah @Neo I will contact you when you're on mate cheers

    3. Fuel


      you earn respect not given it, I spend all day working, come home and work more, you literally have no clue the amount of work I do, and if I don't have DND on TS I get a message every couple of minutes which is rather frustrating when you are trying to code, but I talk to people via the forum and discord 24/7, if they was on TS at the time of removal I would of done, but i'm not going to sit and wait for them, constantly checking if they are online, I really could not care if you have to work 200 hours of the week, you say respect, how about tell someone sorry going to be a little inactive got x y z, people like jamz did it and never got removed, but you expect us to just sit and hold your slot for you when you don't have the decency to tell us that you are busy, my concern is the community as a whole, not you.

    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      @ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt) Wind your neck in, so you got admin and then got removed because you were inactive, you should be happy that you had the chance to be an admin instead of whinging about respect.

      Fact is if it wasnt for fuel and neo there would be NO server, so how about you show a bit of respect and stop throwing your toys out the pram.

  4. Keep Night, its a regular cycle
  5. If you are running with pistol out and wanting to switch to primary though it wouldn't work... its not really a big deal but i guess it would be useful
  6. So what you are saying is sniper scopes are too expensive for newer people so you should make them even more difficult to get? That shouldn't happen the way it currently is, works well in my opinion The reason they are so much is so that not everybody has them and if they want them they have to spend quite a lot to get one, so in essence, they are not really meant for hobos they are made for established rebels. The points you have mentioned are informing us that the way things are currently is the way we want things to be.
  7. Coke
  8. +1 GC need a server 2 to feel more at home
  9. Roleplay
  10. I like the idea sugarplum, I currently roleplay as the mayor but having some perks and other things that would increase roleplay would be good, I would say a 1 month period though is long enough though. +11111111111111 And of course Tidus will always be the mayor
  11. Was a lot of fun Bugzy, You should be a lot higher rank than a constable with the roleplay you were showing.
  12. I have too many subjects to remember Also that was not a question lol
  14. sorry who are you all?
  15. It was a 1 day ban for you and your friend constantly running people over, you then decided to do it yet again as some sort of payback for killing your friend, You can't go around VDMing at all Denied as it's a 1 day ban and will finish at 01:51

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