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  1. Tidus

    A&D Event

    lol I'm good I'd prefer the tiny, tiny bit of dignity I have left
  2. Tidus

    A&D Event

    Haha fuck noooooooo
  3. Tidus

    A&D Event

    I'll consider it but I'm no commentator and I'm defo not wearing a tux.
  4. I mean i didn't read it but yeah sure lol
  5. Yeah nice throwing ur toys out the pram little un
  6. It's a fact not a theory mate.
  7. Ur all probably sick of streamers but if your super bored...



  8. losing their loadout and not being able to return to that place is basically their punishment, The timer is long enough, people are always gonna suicide or request medic whether its long or not. Nobody like to lie on the ground silent for ages anyway, most people either go AFK or tab out, Keep it as it is sugarplum, u'll be fine
  9. Bit of a popo patrol, shit tons of streamers nowadays ladies..





  10. Just in case ur bored AF...

  11. Tidus


    Seems a bit pointless tbh, medics do health checks, highway maintenance or whatever do repairs, hobos and anybody else on the server picks up guns and ammo, so they would actually have zero purpose.

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