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  1. 20 complaint a week last time they were in the game, i really don't want to have all of the bitching again. I like them and never minded them being in game but it causes way too many arguments to be worthwhile.
  2. He's good at that, the second time I have seen him do it now.
  3. Logs don't lie so they won't help you here, Maybe Paul can help you with this too as you can't seem to stop duping. Denied (I don't unban liars)
  4. In-game name? - TidusAre you a binman? - NopeBank balance? - 5 milHave you got both rebel licenses? - yesHours on Arma 3? - 3287 (Too many)Previous gangs? - TI, Cops, SFU, DIU, TFKWhy would you like to join Garbo? - It's by far the best gang right now, plus you need me.Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - Everyone
  5. Without evidence, there is nothing we can do. Denied
  6. I don't think a rule should be made as that would mean you can no longer take any civs hostage either incase there is only a few of them online. However, if you do take people hostage, you should at least talk to them and make it fun as they are completely wasting their time.
  7. cheers sugarplum <3
  8. 3 ifrits were seized yesterday too TBH if cops weren't so hungry to scrap ifrits they would probably be used more.
  9. Action taken, he has been warned many times now.
  10. Action taken against both players
  11. Alright cops vs rebels here.. SFU is a small part of the police force known to be good shots which a few of them get access to MK1's, pretty much every wealthy rebel has an MK1 loadout for every situation, then I believe only DCC or CC and above get access to MK1's which takes months to get. I think the police should reward cops that roleplay more than cops that can shoot better tbh, at the moment there are 2 specialists units which are SFU which are supposed to be a sort of swat team and then we have DIU which WAS supposed to be dealing with drug related matters and occasionally assisting in gunfights, they were even given undercover vehicles to assist them so that they could roleplay as rebels at a drug field or even as a bait vehicles to try to get them to roleplay more. HOWEVER DIU is now just a slightly worse version of SFU they are involved in every gunfight, they have mk18's (2 per patrol) they can have a maximum of 12 members on a patrol which is basically half of the cop slots, they get a npas heli, they have darters everywhere, the list goes on...... that faction needs to be changed or completely scrapped and made into something which will encourage roleplay rather than just "I joined DIU for the guns". The attitude the police have towards certain situations is way too aggressive so I agree with that, A simple traffic stop will turn into a gunfight simply because an officer will say "get out the car with your hands up or lethal force will be used" when all they really need to say is "can you step out the vehicle so we can have a word". As for the active gunfight rule its fairly simple and just takes common sense if there is shots don't go running around with a gun. As for the people involved in a fight don't just kill anybody because you think you can, don't shoot somebody driving past just because you can and then say oh I thought he was scouting if you are rebels against the police don't shoot other rebels just because "active gunfight". There is no need to add the metagaming rangefinders just figure out what common sense is. The art gallery makes you roughly 500k per painting so that's why so many cops turn up to it and the fact it is an ART GALLERY which police are supposed to protect, police respond to it just like they would an APD. There are however many roleplay options if you wanted to roleplay it.
  12. 100% agree
  13. Honestly, as I've noticed you pretty much always need a gun or you are just gonna be a hostage 24/7 while on as a cop, The reason get higher calibre weapons is a reward for ranking up just like the roleplay tier 1-3, you roleplay well you get better gear/equipment. It should be seen as that and if they are seen constantly looking for gunfights those rewards will be stripped away. I'll be honest the higher calibre gun the better, I will always carry the best gun I can or my personal favourites but that has never affected my roleplay, I have always been focused on roleplay over anything else. But yeah overall it's not the gun that pulls the trigger its the person, the guns are not to blame it's the people.
  14. It was a lot of fun mate, pity we didn't get that bounty though.

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