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  1. Accepted, Compensation has been added to your bank account.
  2. This is down to your own error of hissing a bush i think, The server may of desynced slightly which is why you did not die straight away. Denied
  3. Accepted, however you are currently in game, message me or any other admin when you are offline and we will add the compensation to you bank account.
  4. Accepted, compensation has been added to your bank account.
  5. Accepted, compensation has been added to your bank account.
  6. Accepted, Compensation has been added to your bank account.
  7. You will have to ask for comp from the officer that killed you with the spike strip as this is not the servers fault nor is it a player report. Denied
  8. Denied Due to lack of evidence
  9. This gyazo shows no evidence of what happened at all. A video is needed. Denied.
  10. Not enough proof, an image could of been taken anytime there needs to be video evidence. Denied
  11. Until the new housing system comes out there is not much I can do, the current housing system is not the best. Denied
  12. Name: TidusSteam ID: 76561198152234925Number of tickets (100K Each): 2Requested Number(s) 1-100: 27, 36
  13. To be honest, there is not much we can do without evidence, if we were to compensate you when you have no evidence people would put up fake comp requests all the time claiming they lost something to hackers, Sorry but denied due to lack of evidence.
  14. To be honest with the amount of reports lately that have been posted which have had little to no attempt to resolve and now saying that somebody will not be reported by one of your gang members only for you to then report him. I see that as pretty shitty tbh. I'm getting tired of the lack of resolving rather than reporting. On that basis this report will be denied, any other reports which show little to no resolution attempts will also be denied as we are not here to get each other banned.
  15. But if 1 of you contact him and sort it out, then come to the conclusion you're not going to report, then why would you report after saying you are not going to.

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