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  1. It's not an unfair advantage if everybody has access to 3rd person but again just because you don't like something doesn't mean others don't.
  2. More important things to focus on in regards to developing rather than spending time removing all sniper scopes just to add them back a week later. I snipe, I don't care whether people get annoyed at it or not.... TBH I like that it annoys people...
  3. It was the north rebel base which is not a red zone meaning it's not kill on sight.
  4. Don't lie, I witnessed you dupe with my own eyes, did you not figure out it was me that blew your car up just to watch you go dupe your next loadout.... Denied for being a liar
  5. Name: Tidus Steam ID: 76561198152234925 Number Of Tickets: 10 Party: Mayweather McGregor is who we all want to win, for the sake of evening out the numbers i will bet on mayweather
  6. Are you actually reporting because they threatened to report you? It sounds to me like you were wanting them to say that just so you could report them. There is clearly no resolution either. Play to have fun next time.... Denied.
  7. Completed
  8. Accepted, Compensation has been added to your bank account.
  9. This is down to your own error of hissing a bush i think, The server may of desynced slightly which is why you did not die straight away. Denied
  10. Accepted, however you are currently in game, message me or any other admin when you are offline and we will add the compensation to you bank account.
  11. Accepted, compensation has been added to your bank account.
  12. Accepted, compensation has been added to your bank account.
  13. Accepted, Compensation has been added to your bank account.
  14. You will have to ask for comp from the officer that killed you with the spike strip as this is not the servers fault nor is it a player report. Denied
  15. Denied Due to lack of evidence

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