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  1. Just reminding you all to nip into the office in kavala and vote TiDus for mayor, Apparently I have competition for once. Cheers.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. noms


      All votes will be revoked when the hotfix goes up anyway.

    3. Tidus


      ohh ok that makes it easier, cheers

    4. Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

      Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ

      VOTEEEEEEE TIDUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. JasonMeister


      You’re alive?

    2. Tidus


      Just about yeah

  3. Tidus

    So you can force rape sum1? that's fucked mate
  4. Tidus

    @Fuel @Neo You could always make blackout a whitelisted faction At least they are RP based.
  5. Just in case any of ya wanna watch


    1. Cameron


      Who the fuck is this?



  9. This isn't GTA mate
  10. FFS i can't believe it...                                                                                         






    HA BAITED!!!

  11. Tidus

    I don't get it, You kill their friend they kill you... so what?

    1. Cameron


      Who even is this?

  13. Just in case you get super bored.....

    1. Cameron


      Who's this?

    2. Tidus


      Pssshh you know who

  14. Tidus

    Great idea, stops people running off straight away, Makes them actually roleplay for the short time.
  15. Don't die of boredom alone, Die of boredom while watching me ;)


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