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  1. Fox_Eagle

    damn, nice one duud
  2. Fox_Eagle

    played a few years ago on gta and lonewolfed. Got into gangs on phoenix, was in Adapt, DGN and thats it basicly also played on blackwinggaming a few years back
  3. Fox_Eagle

    In-game Name: Fox_Eagle PlayerID: 76561198129372009 Previous gangs: new to the server, played GTA for a bit. Why do you want to join Reprisal: cuz u get frags and its pretty cool Hours on Arma 3: 2340 Who can vouch for you in the gang: J O S H splitz alex gavin
  4. Fox_Eagle

    Allright so. I apologize for my behavior in sidechat. I believe i should be unbanned because i really do want to have a good time and play on the server. I managed to get myself started after a day and then this happens but i dont want it to stop me from having fun on the server. If you unban me you will se that i am comitted to the server and not an absolute moron. I would ask that you just remove my ban completely but i know i should be realistic so im gonna ask for a lower ban time frame. I apologize once again and hope you guys will accept it.
  5. Fox_Eagle

    In-game name: Fox_Eagle Steam ID: 76561198129372009 Date of ban: 12/29/2017 Staff member that banned you: Automatic ban Reason for ban: Saying <inappropriate1> and stuff Why do you think you were banned: For being toxic in side Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes because i had just got on started yesterday and then suddenly someone rdm's me and i rage abit in side and then i got banned If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Because i really new and i didnt know Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I was mad that i had allready gotten RDMED Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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