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  1. love this twitch streamer 


    1. Lee


      why's this donkey trying to get everyone banned

  2. Fox

    Dirty Duners

    smh bra head
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    2. Fox


      Bilderesultat for paki why is ur dad sending me selfies?

    3. Xart
    4. Xart


      gotta love the delivery scooter bikes

  3. put me on roster boys im coming back!
  4.  heres an old banger if u need a montage song

  5. «New pc vibes» now u cant blame tje pc when u die every 10 secs
  6. Whitebeard splashing money on the server like he’s in the strip club tf

    1. Blades


      very funny

    2. Stefan♦


      stop acting like you're relevant @Fox

  7. Im gonna start a gofundme to rebuild winterfell, please donate to help.

    1. Lester


      whos gonna rebuild it pretty sure 99% of the north is dead

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