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  1. Fox


    Sir nektar is known for saving greece in its economic collaps, therefor the price for his whereabouts will be rewarded.
  2. N1 lad, known u for 5 years and ur still shit x ❤️❤️
  3. Fox


    In game name: Fox Age:19 Bank account balance:15mil Previous gangs:sinity, kryptic lead, a few oly gangs such as ambition Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: 3333 can't get screenshot on my mac Why do you want to join Assent? my computers been broken for the last month almost getting it back tomorrow and want to play with some of the guys I know in the gang again Can any members vouch for you? jaconite dandy skrood blades connor* nemo if he remembers me
  4. Why do u keep shooting the rest of your mag?
  5. s8 trailer of GoT looks pretty cool

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    2. andrew.


      Makes me moist ngl

    3. Blaine


      ima binge watch it NGL

    4. Epic
  6. "hunter down hunter down"
  7. Fox

    h | Howl

    Thought u said phoenix had good gun fights?
  8. Fox


    Miss u stepbro @Hazu🍭😝
  9. Fox


    Good lads, stepsis broke my pc so she gotta do the dirty work i guess. Soon i will hear «what are u doing stepbro» 🤫🤫 hopefully stepmum and stepdad wont find out
  10. Computer broke, later gamers

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    2. Blaine
    3. Fox


      Stfu sig mouth

    4. Crawfy


      holster run to deerstand over 100 m open field 


  11. Fox

    Medic Pack

    broke my legs and it didnt heal it
  12. Fox

    Medic Pack

    also the medpack doesnt work if u dont have the heal to 100 medic perk

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