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  1. @DylNNjust watched my favourite anime and looking for fellow to ninja run with. Who should I contact about my inquiry?

    1. keith


      Well mate, personally i'd say some higher ups, heard they're REALLY into anime

    2. AbdooL


      I'm blowing the weeb summoning whistle. Reborn Anime meetup in London.

      Should I post this in the event suggestions?

  2. In-game name: ^Swanta (Posted on his behalf cause of forum ban) Steam ID: 76561198153967301 Date of ban: 03/27/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No I think it is completely justified. It was a stupid thing to do and I didn't really think about it. Why should we unban you? Because I know what I did wrong and I know it was not very smart to do. Before this happened I never did something wrong, and the second I got banned I already regretted it. I play a lot on this server and I really love to play here. I am sorry for what happened and I regret it. I saw it as a joke between me and my friends and it was a impulsive action of me. Once again sorry for this and I will never do something like this again. This was really a wake up call.
  3. Happy birthday m8, hope your bones dont look like this on yer birthday


  4. AbdooL

    ^.Abdool_ Report

    Howdy Would've been easier chatting about this m8. As Abdul stated the RTC rule is when you crash your cars and I initiate on you and use that to my advantage. You crashed, hopped into my ifrit and asked me "where we going" or something along those lines. You chose to get into my car instead of repairing your own and driving away.
  5. i have a video to prove it if u need it, just message me a time and a channel and we can sort this. (Posted for surprise:3)
  6. nah, i waited for 30 minutes for you in teamspeak as you said you would provide your POV, so i waited to see it to see whether i was in the wrong however u went ahead and reported me anyways so sitting in the ts waiting was a total waste of my time im still sat in ts waiting for you since like 11 so i find it ironic that u say i refused to come? (Posted for surprise:3)
  7. I like these shared snap memes
  8. AbdooL


    Considering he's in Blackwater and there's an alliance between the Police and Blackwater, it would go down to basically only TFU being able to participate cause they can go caps. And I felt that was unfair on the rest of the police SBX is top fragger
  9. AbdooL


    @JamzSadly not m8, would be too easy wouldn't it
  10. AbdooL


    Yo. I'm holding a competition for the Rebel gangs, where the rules are to make a 2 minute 30 second frag montage of only kills on @Adam Briggs. The prize for this will be 10 million ingame. Good luck boys. ^^ (No teamkills @poults) Edit: Btw if it wasnt clear, the first one to post the Montage or PM me it will get the money!
  11. AbdooL


    Go on DylNN, you tell him!
  12. You know your bones, m8?


  13. In-game name: es0n (forum banned so posting for him) Steam ID: 76561198173725321 Date of ban: 03/05/19 Staff member that banned you: Rose (Fuel?) Reason for ban: Poor RP Why do you think you were banned: I was banned because of my poor choices and poor judgement on the situation, i was to trigger happy. In a way, i would of much preferred an admin to tell me what i did wrong instead of a straight ban but my poor choices ended up in me being straight up banned which is fine as i now realised that what i did was not okay. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: In a way, i would of much preferred an admin to tell me what i did wrong instead of a straight ban but my poor choices ended up in me being straight up banned which is fine as i now realised that what i did was not okay. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Yes it was justified, after coming back from a minimal RP and playing exile i totally forgot about the time i have to give people to comply and the level of Roleplay i should be having within the server, i know forgetting isn't a good enough excuse but after not being on a Reborn for a while things slide and unfortunately i let things slide which is why im here. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: yeah, i told the guy not to move or i would paste him on the bonnet and he started to back away instead of waiting for him to comply with my demands i shot him with minimal RP with not much reason either, to think that if i were to wait another 5-10 seconds to see whether he was willing to comply with my demands rather than straight up shoot the guy i wouldn't be sat here writing an appeal over my poor choices. I know how this looks just coming off of a perm and immediately getting a ban, but if i was to be un-banned i can assure you that i will not make any more poor choices and i will be good as gold. My ban history isn't the prettiest but after reflecting on my ban for a week i can see what i did wrong and i apologise for the minimal RP and if i get another chance to play here it will never happen again. I posted an uban appeal and it was denied, reason being; I think that Paul D banning me for saying my opinion on the NZ was a bit extreme i wasn't taking the piss i just thought it was very ironic. Paul if i offended you or anyone else in the community i am sorry. I couldn't talk to paul on ts as i couldn't find him so i logged into my other acc on the forums and pmed him as i didn't want to make a whole thread like a child i thought maybe he would have a private conversation with me via pm but instead he straight up banned me. My comment may of been a bit OTT but at the same time i did find the chain of events very ironic, Sorry if i offended anyone. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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