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  1. In Game Name - Fighter Any Prior Gangs/experience - Oracle and more small gangs How Many Hours do you Have on Arma 3 - 2660 Why do you Want to Join - I want to be with friends Can any Members Vouch for you - Dady Finlay
  2. Name: Fighter Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/6d7ec369e7a6171f17754a8458e50f36 Previous Gangs: Oracle and more small gangs, On asylum method Why do you want to join: Good gang and has good comms with good people Anyone who can vouch for you: Finlay
  3. IGN: Fighter Hours on Arma 3: https://gyazo.com/6d7ec369e7a6171f17754a8458e50f36 Bank Balance: 30 mil Previous Gangs ( All servers 😞 Oracle and more small gangs, Asylum in Method Vouches: Blades
  4. @NoaI am banned atm but if I get unbanned you got a deal
  5. -Fighter-


    @Kraldon't mind at all sir ask him how much he wants and take it from my bank
  6. -Fighter-


    In-game name: Fighter Steam ID: 76561198321714652 Date of ban: 01/17/19 Reason for ban: Lagswitching Staff member that banned you: Kral Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Unjustified because my Internet is not the best especially if the weather is bad it was just a coincidence that I lagged at that time like it happens happened to choo before and more people my friends have proof of us missing around and I lag today https://gyazo.com/f9c036fbcf2e85f6b9f1dca7f1388daf https://gyazo.com/24b77997582b34ea45b741faa5281a80 Why should we unban you? I really like this server have been a member of the community for a while now and want to stay on it and I didn't lagswitch it was just a coincidence that I lagged at that time and kral said that I pressed a hotkey yes I pressed to make sure I had a monster on but I had it already and one of my friends told me that if I was lagswitching yellow chain will come up but there is nothing that was my pov in the situation https://youtu.be/bjxg361jN44
  7. ok bro it's normaly here for me when it's really windy my internet is not good whatever I do

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