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  1. Prison isn't too hard it's just u shoot anyone pushing cops roach u
  2. Kev.


    oh shit sorry I've given the first bit as the last wtf, here it's 76561198164078441 @Wilma Fingerdoo
  4. K lol I'm from North London lol so I am pretty sure I know how to speak English having spoken it for about 13/15 of my years on the planet and btw if u didn't know maybe u should check who ur speaking to... And sure I'm up for it but lemme get into my easdter holidays since I only play Saturday usually so lemme get some practice after a few days from the 6th of April and Ill do it ez pz BTW @TugaDENIED...
  5. I just accepted him cuz my leader told me to. We have a combat unit in our gang which I run so he'd basically be playing with meat shields for gang wars... Tuga seen u in gangs before like when I was in OG Ominous not whatever shit Slowpoke was running. All of us in the fragging unit got permed and our leader reaper falsely accused of lag switch but, Tuga seen u in other gangs and you're shit.... Why u lie bout 4k hours anyway anyone with 4k hours just a bit sad init...
  6. Kev.


    In-game name: Kev. Steam ID: 76561198164078119 Date of ban: 03/26/20 Reason for ban: Potential Ddos (I was in possesion of these) they saw in my report video https://prnt.sc/rney1s Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Not really but yes as well because I fully understand that I shouldn't own these and I have removed them all and I will never to it again but, I haven't ever used it in at all I just had it because my friend showed me it ages ago so, I thought it was pretty cool hence why I pinned it but, idek how to operate it and have never used it but I can understand my ban and have removed any software like thios from my PC. I apologise to anyone I have affected by having these. Why should we unban you? I never used them and just had them there because my friend had them and showed me them. I never used it and don't even know how to... I am really sorry and have removed all the software.

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