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  1. Andrew Griffin

    yes during the day we killed eachother with desyncing eachother by mistake, and it was simply a joke like i said with the sniper war, we were simply testing out the ifrits armour, as he went up the DMT and i was in my ifrit, after i even asked you in side if anything is bullet proof and i complained that my ifrit was not bullet proof to even pistols. 1. yes i know spawning back in is not right, but i honestly thought we were having a friendly little battle otherwise i wouldn't have gone through wit the effort to kit up and hover over my base in a hummingbird, like i stated you then agreed to leave the area so i didn't think i would be breaking NLR as the situation would be over and no one would be in the area of affect. but yes you are right, in term of the game i have broken NLR, but in all honesty i really thought we were just having a little friendly game as we were talking about it inside chat.
  2. Andrew Griffin

    so let me explain the story. me and sardoff ( a friendly gang member) were playing since the early hours of about 4am. doing runs whatever, in which many of times we exploded and died because of eachother. i recently bought a new iffirit in which sardoff was testing the armour rating as we had thought it was bullet proof from some angles to some extent, in which only maybe 7 people were on the server, which includes my gang i know in the side chat it looks to be very unprofessional and we shouldn't have dont it and i apologize for my actions. the second situation with the gang base, i was in teamspeak with my gang leader pancake, when he was explaining to me an issue yesterday which occured with @6iX9iNe in which my gang had a past troubles with him, which i was not involved at all. in which we exchanged messages on side chat saying we are going to " see who's better at shooting " etc, in which her turned out in my gang base and shot me, after spending lots of time debating in sidechat then re spawned back in athira and waited my 15 min NLR and told him i was to head back to him and have a fight with him if he wanted, with my only using my pistol as we chirped eachother on, which was an obvious friendly little game we had going on. not knowing he was still holding a grudge against me, because i was apart of the same gang that had done stuff to him. so i head back in my helicopter in which he destroys it and we both call it overs, in which i spawn back in base, thinking this whole game weve set up is done, and as a kind gesture i take my ifirit out and offer him a lift in side chat to wherever he wished , to where he repeatedly denied my offer to which i stored it back away and just continued for about 10 minutes to fool around with him, i then took out a aroplane for him which he shot the engine, he then repeated to rob me 3 times after i had told him that we agreed when the fight is done, its done, in which he shot my legs and continued to fool around for another 10 minutes , by which stage i had limped to the garage and had taken an orca out so i could leave the area and let him do his this, when he stole and chop shopped it, after that we went to teamspeak chat where him and my gang spoke where not much resolving took place, but rather an argument , in which the server had reset and i was starting a situation with my gang, in which i had asked @6iX9iNe to message me in 10 mins to resolve in which he never did. in the video it also shows @6iX9iNe agreeing to leave so i could loot up also, neither sardoff and i had sniper rifles, i clearly state a pistol could even penetrate the armour, and as a joke i said we were having a fight, as im known to always have my little side chirps
  3. Andrew Griffin

    Name: Mr. Chow Ming Age: 17 Nationality: South african Hours on Arma: 918 Basic/Advanced Rebel?: basic Bank Balance: 3 mil Why do you want to join Øracle?: because alot of my mates are joining the gang and i would like to play along with them in the gang and on the server Who can vouch for you?: Sardoff
  4. Andrew Griffin

    Andrew Griffin

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