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  1. Sloth

    Simmo R6S

    https://gyazo.com/41dfda7eb8a585d649cf19a9e3e81e42 https://gyazo.com/f2614e696b464b7ec93ebe6fd737f243
  2. Sloth

    Simmo R6S

    you can't play because you changed to south Brazilian servers you ape
  3. had clips from last season so i just threw something together
  4. The suggestions that you are accepting are all good which will hopefully improve rebel life, but the ones that will truly bring people back would be a vary of weapons that people can use like the mk200s and other lmgs and also possibly another currency , also an event that would take place every restart that is run 24/7 unless cancelled by management+ like suggested by others but apparently this will never happen.
  5. its dead because there is no variety and nothing to do for rebels. any suggestions to improve this get insta denied.
  6. 10% discount on weapons and vehicles for gangbase owners was added last update
  7. Adding a timer to cut the vehicle will help as then the tracker will actually be useful as they are normally rushed straight to cut shop after a fight.
  8. https://gyazo.com/08894b489ba43214598cb8f7c99fc99e
  9. n1 how do you still play this dead game
  10. good luck, arma is a dead game
  11. the thing is they never pull anything they cut, as if its some unseen vehicle that is worth 100 mil so they all rush it because they have the total of 3 brain cells all combined
  12. every time i pull the ifrit they seem to be attracted to it even though they run it down to cut and shut next to bottleneck. When I first came back to the server again they took 5 of my ifrits on a saturday night and cut them even though they will never ever again pull them.
  13. because all blackwater do is see anything and run it straight to cut and shut even on saturday nights

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