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  1. i dont think anyone cares about losing a loadout, its having to get to rebel every time thats annoying
  2. Monthly donation of £10 and every one who subscribes to the monthly donation get it. After 30 days they lose access to these skins. Everyone else who donates without the monthly subscription has to donate £10 or above to get the skins for the month and after 30 days they lose access to them.
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    s | sloth

    In-game name: s | sloth Steam ID: 76561198070894461 Date of ban: 11/16/19 Reason for ban: Kamikaze Staff member that banned you: Charlie Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: unjustified Why should we unban you? Unless parachuting out is not allowed on the server I dont see how the ban can be seen as kamikaze. Apparently im purposely trying to bomb it but I dont see how if im jumping out trying to kill people. Unless there has been a new made up rule where parachuting = kamikaze , nice. if i was actually trying to bomb them i would of went straight into the command no? didnt even kill a single person or anything but oh well.
  4. Sloth

    love the new profile picture!

    1. Braandon


      oh yes id go for a good sandwich about now

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      that looks like a tasty beef sarnie 

  5. just add a £10 membership per month and give people skins and other stuff that wont give them an advantage in combat situations

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