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  1. Back in the day of reborn, gangs had actual vehicles that bullets don't go straight through, the state of reborn is people no ts being able to afford vehicles so they sit on a hill for a whole restart.
  2. Best way I saw this was look ah the server 1 year ago, early 2017-2018 people used quilins and ifrit sand everyone enjoyed the server the most then and everyone could have these vehicles then even smaller gangs and allows poeple to have a fair fight, instead of now half the people in suvs and others in quilins.
  3. So, I'm not going to come in here complaining about lag and fps when it is already being worked on, but in the current state of arma the game is dying and the people that do mainly play it are combat over roleplay focused, I do understand that the developers are looking into a balance between them but I would like to suggest a couple ideas to make rebel life better and make reborn the popping server it used to be. Firstly, the best way to start off is to make quilins and ifrit cheaper, even though most people have too much money but no one is going to spend that money when the quilins cost like 1 mil and ifrits close to 2 mil which makes people not want to buy them and instead just run around chopping them. So lowering the price of them would make fights in red zone more interesting and people would care less about losing them causing them to buy more if they lose any which adds a decent money sink.(reduce them to the old prices that they had in 2017-early 2018. Another way reborn could be made better is to make caps actually worth something. Right now cap points to bigger gangs are literally useless as you can do 2 banks and that is the amount of money you will make in a week of capping them and cartels cause you to lose much more money than banks do. So a solution to this would be to increase the money gained from these and to also increase the price of the cap point leaderboard system( maybe introducing specific times people would be able to get points there, i.e. Starts at 4-5pm then gives each gang points, and then 8-9 for people that cannot play in the middle of the day). The final way that I believe is the best would to allow a period of a week for example for any person without hacking bans to put up an appeal and be unbanned and given another chance as this would greatly increase the player base again and would potentially give use for the second server that is no longer used. (Post this as server announcement to let others be able to spread the word) Now with all of this, it would separate the people that want to roleplay with the people that prefer combat allowing to have a good balance between what people like to do on arma. feel free to add on other suggestions to this.
  4. nobody is questioning anything, go find the last auction that someone didnt put a ss of their item being sold and someone complaining about it
  5. your acting as if im going to scam people off the forums which im pretty sure isnt allowed. you can have all of them for 1.75 mil each
  6. Item: X3 TFU Skinned hunters Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 8mil for all of them//3 mil per one. Starting bid: 500k Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: until i get good offers

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