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  1. I prefer this one tbh from Kappa
  2. I believe I have started a movement!

    Brexit Means Brexit!



    1. Cheesecake


      Rolling in forum rep rn

    2. zener


      The movement has been silence. Smh 

    3. Spacearmy73


      Altis should leave the european union

  3. Honestly I think most people want this as it would make rebel life more active as currently rebel life is completely dead and there isn't even enough gangs to fight over bases like it used to be. It'll make reborn seem more alive in general as blackwater are just whitelisted rebels with access to mar 10s,cyrus' and cheaper gear. They dont even have a proper use anymore, as stated above they are a whitelisted rebel gang
  4. I dont understand why people report others for combat logging when 90% of the time you dont lose anything, and they lose their load out either way.

    just killing off a already dead game

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    2. Ben.


      its also stupid when they ban someone for alt f4ing when you dont care, you end up killing someone with literally the same loadout they alt f4 in anger and get banned when you dont care like what

    3. Xart


      lmao there is like 500 people most likely playing amra 3 rp servers nowdays people are getting triggered by nothing 

    4. Xart


      fucking hardcore roleplayers

  5. i'll have it for 100k ty

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