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  1. Accepted unbanned
  2. Denied you called him it twice that is not accpetable i have however reduced your ban to a month, if it hear you saying it to anyone again in this community you will be gone
  3. Denied, There was no guarantee that you would have been able to cut it, you could have been robbed for it crashed and died anything could have happened to stop you from doing it and therefore there is no way we can comp for something that could have been
  4. Actioned Player banned, if you want comp for lost items file a comp request
  5. DENIED You were landed in kav and when i deleted your chopper, you shot in kav and called all the admins <inappropriate1>ed as you have 2 prior bans in under a year as per the process you recived a week ban for this offence do not do it again.

  7. Deined it is still showing that you have the gun in te stats pannel https://gyazo.com/22164c9608a4e74079af41740699cef5
  8. Nick Richards


    Denied You ran into the tailroter
  9. Nick Richards


    Denied, managment have had told you to put up a comp request thinking you have evidence, as if they knew you didnt and still said to do a comp request knowing ti would be denied would have been silly, best thing to do is go to the managment member you spoke to and ask them
  10. Accepted Comp given 100k https://gyazo.com/1f8b6c41381ca72a0388305808cae68a
  11. Nick Richards


    Accepted, hello i am able to compensate you for the items of clothing and the gun you have on you but i am not able to compensate you for the unprocessed meth, Total amount of comp = £195,000 https://gyazo.com/bfff103c1e60585a04cc5083eb077e8d
  12. Nick Richards


    Denied, No evidence
  13. Denied, Please provide evidence when reporting a player in future as it will just get denied without any

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