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  1. Thank god for that. I wanna see the sales figures for the creator DLC as I am 99% sure it will not do well.
  2. It better not require a separate install into the game like the creator DLC did. This means we can actually have it on the server. (Like the weapons and Vehicles) If it does, waste of my time
  3. RomillyN

    Sims 4 for free

    Never played any sims games before but I guess it must be decent and it is free currently on Origin. Get it quick as its only free to buy for a limited time only. (Doesn't say a date) You may as well get it its free
  4. RomillyN

    Steep For Free

    Steep is free from the 16th of may to the 21th on UPLAY to download. If you download it you can keep it forever. Check it out, its worth it.
  5. Please use the template given in the original post
  6. @Connor Bensonthis requires a coast guard unit to revive the dead people when they get bitten by crabs
  7. I agree in no way should runs like fishing be made harder only those like Uranium at the sunken submarines and Oil runs as they give high money with little risk involved.
  8. RomillyN

    conection failed

    Usually this happens to me when the server is full. For me it either says maximum number of players has been reached or connecting failed. Just keep spamming to get in.
  9. So this is how people get votes for mayor
  10. RomillyN


    Pretty sure Bohemia changed it now and they have no armour rating. Or at least less than an ifrit. Correct me if I am wrong though
  11. As much as some hate to admit he has a point. People still play for roleplay but its a majority for getting frags and robbing people with guns.
  12. I don't get why everyone has been so negative about it. With months like this were they get donated over a £1000 pounds like 50% of that could keep a simple server of CQC open. It doesn't require constant admin moderation or have too many issue related to it. I don't code myself but I am sure it wouldn't be too challenging to make one.
  13. IRN-BRU Ifrit maybe...…?

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