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  1. May grab up this deal danke
  2. Ye I guess that works
  3. Good point maybe just 50k per paycheck or something for everyone
  4. +1 But needs to be balanced like BW cant just get 10% extra on runs whereas police get 3x tickets thats not fair. A run is so much more effort. Maybe just x3 everyone's pay checks.
  5. LOL I heard this gang is hated by everyone
  6. Like its not always the person who wants the gears fault if someone initiates on you, and once you have defended yourself if you can take his gun you should also be able to take gear. Like what is the difference in roleplay between robbing someone when they are dead or putting them in handcuffs when downed and then stripping them when revived. Like wither way no roleplay has to take place. Even when they are down you could equally try and roleplay talking gear but I don't really know what you would say, like "Alright mate I want your vest, Now it is mine." But yeah just my opinion/
  7. Okay so first thing I said that just to make you aware you just broke the rules, and we both discussed it afterwards and decided to report you. And secondly I only have a POV of 5 mins after we robbed you due to how my OBS is setup I messed it up. But we robbed you within the rules with perfect initiation and time to react. Go ahead and post your POV of the situation if you want. @Connor Bensoncan we get your opinion on this
  8. People want a switch of scene I am guessing and its not like small gangs can do APD or Bank and would succeed this could be a good mid point with not as high pay as something like the treasury. +1 from me
  9. here I didn't catch the bit when the medic revived us as I ran out of space but we had to instruct him not to steal stuff, which isn't what he said above.
  10. I was there and we did not resolve it in game so I don't know where you got that from. And 1 sec lemme see If I have a POV
  11. Lol more like are you okay. Look at Kavala hospital. This post was never about it being added to a new place but just how to get it in editor.
  12. VDM'd me 3 times. No recording but watch out next time
  13. Level 1 is 1 minute break in. Look on the ingame guides it tells you what each level does. The only decent one is the one that tells police your house is being broken into. Then you have the hope the police will help
  14. GG, you know you can just click enter over and over again though don't you
  15. Lol are u okay, its already added. Look at Kavala Hospital

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