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  1. AZOOZ

    yeah it is but i need admin explain if it is RDM to getting involved to the area when we killed his friend after 2:50 m or nothing wrong with it .
  2. AZOOZ

    m8 it's not a minute !!!!!!!!!!! like no way you can see on my video !!! it's 2:50 !
  3. AZOOZ

    it's ok m8 .. i need that information for the next time .. i need to understand who is wrong based on that i have been told you need to reinitiate yeah don't worry i know that you are ready to comp m8 no worry <3 it's for my knowledge
  4. AZOOZ

    yeah so that's why Dan told me that i have to put in website so the other admin will figure it out <3 cuz there is no rule explain it ! and there is no time limit . we going to wait any admin to judge .
  5. AZOOZ

    yeah there is no time-limit on a gunfight but you aren't near to the rebel !! you claim that you were in Athira garage when you are not ! cuz i have a garage on Athira and it didn't take more the 1 m to rebel so by '' common sense " you should reinitiate .
  6. AZOOZ

    yeah he told me before i showed my video to him that his opinion is " if Hoggie took less then 2 m it's ok but if he took more then 2 m it's a Poor RP " then when he saw the video that's proof him it was more then 2 m he changed his opinion !! so i am confused too ! However, I respect you guys trying to to resolve the situation .
  7. AZOOZ

    In-game name: AZOOZ Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Hoggie Date of the incident: 01/15/2018 Time of the incident: 06:00 pm i think What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: Describe the incident: so basically we were trying to rob the one in the offroad .. we barely initiate on him he didn't give us a time to valid initiate on him he just got out from his car and kill my friend and didn't ( Value his life ) this isn't the case .. my issue is i killed him when he killed my friend then a 2:50 sec later Hoggie came to the same situation and spray me down !! he took a lot of time to get himself involved to the situation !! he didn't even kept his eyes on us so he is not involved in the situation at first place !! what i know that you should reinitiate if you didn't kept your eyes on the situation ! and it's happen with me before that i ask the support section and they told me that you cannot involved in the same situation unless you have kept your eyes on the same situation !! that's what i have been told over the time i play on the server .. and i got punish for it before .. i talked to @Dan about it and we did try to resolve it > and he told me that i have to put it in the website so anther admin can resolve it cuz it went crazy that's it Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  8. AZOOZ

    In-game name: AZOOZ Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Bugzy Date of the incident: 01/12/2018 Time of the incident: 09:00 pm What rule do you believe was broken: Value life + Fail RP + impound threat Any evidence available: Describe the incident: basically me and my friend were trying to take some hostages on rebel and we failed to do it because they didn't comply and we were forced to kill them .. then the medic came to revive our hostages .. when he revived them we ask them to leave the area as we planed to take them as hostages for our next mission , so as you can tell by the evidence that he didn't care about any thing and even his life !! we ask them to leave which lead us to the NHS Handbook say " do not put yourself in danger '' and " The medics must also be respected as a neutral faction, so you should leave a situation if threatened. " We have guns which lead that we are dangerous for you as a medic so easy to understand that you have to comply if we ask you to leave . he didn't and he knocked me and my friend more then once trying to stop us from taking the hostages !! when actually medics can knock player if the player threatening his life but he should leave after knock some one to save his life !! instead he use it more then once to waste my time as a rebel !! he shouldn't use it to waste rebel time or police time as he use it to waste our time claim that he need to take them to medical custody !! and he abused that the medics can not be killed that's why he didn't give a * about us so that's what bothers me the most !! the other thing that i know as a medic you can not threatening people to impound their vehicle !! he threatening me that if i didn't listen to him that he will impound my vehicle !! like is it abuse ? correct me if I'm wrong ! the admin came and told him after he waste our time that he has to value his life and continue to Roleplaying !! but i am not happy with that because we were planing to use those hostages to do something with police .. but because I was so frustrating from what happen from the medic i stop the whole thing and i went to TS trying to talk to the NHS Commander about it .. so yeah i need the NHS to be better as i am part of it .. so i need you guys to take action on this situation Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  9. AZOOZ

    +1 he is so good at his job <3
  10. AZOOZ

    and btw i have been deprived a lot of action with my friends the last week because of this house issue .. all my time was wasted on uploading videos to server support and admins and try to talk with them .. all the time i got like spend it for explain this issue .. i am done m8
  11. AZOOZ

    my gear cost approximately : 5,087,000 I upgrade my container cost : 3,000,000 .. my house cost : 2,000,000 all = 10,087,000 ^^ you can recalculate all of my stuff if you want to .. and i see that you guys have to comp me for my house because it's so useless to have a house you can't store anything on it .. cuz i give it more than enough chances to be honest .. i can not use it anymore .. because you guys can not ensure me that my stuff will stay on my house . i know that it will disappear again and again .So no more of waste my time .. period
  12. AZOOZ

  13. AZOOZ

    omg .. that's why i hate my luck now what should i do I need another house instead of this fucking shitty house .. i lost all of my money and time on it
  14. AZOOZ

    i send the whole evd private message for you @Fuel

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