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  1. Carry on wi ya poo emojis and ill kick ya nan down stairs

  2. Magicz

    F | FaceLess

    Application Template In-game name: magicz Age: 24 Hours on Arma (screenshot): 1700 Bank balance: 15m had like 40m but gave alot away when seismic left the server Why do you want to join Faceless?: cause my boy browny be all up in here and i would like to rowlpley with him and the rest of faceless, heard your a sound bunch of guys to play with and are actually active, ive recently took a long break from Arma in general and finally deciding to come back. Im decent in combat, can drive MRAPS very well and quick peak anyones nan (including jordan garcias with no legs) inside joke tbf. Ive lead my own gangs many of times being mainly combat/cartel based so i know what im doing in a gang. Can anyone vouch for you?: Browny , JOSH = bot, and Delta Previous gangs: 39th RR, Seismic and a few others i cant even remem names tbh was a while ago
  3. Magicz

    Mushroom cap zone

    Pls Make em worth fighting at, Like takes combat from other places when gangs go and fight there instead.
  4. Magicz

    Mushroom cap zone

    Ahh i thought there was something there, dayumm, one of my fave places tbh
  5. Magicz

    Mushroom cap zone

    Can we have one more Cap zone added? Placed here in the picture, fun to fight at tbf, or replace the one that is north cause thats boring to fight at to be honest. Keep OG and Church though obvs
  6. If you need a good estimate on time i think it was 10/02/2018 at about 11pm ish
  7. Magicz

    Gang funds

    Way better to split it with the gang after a week or two like we have always done in our gang on other servers, would take out the issue where u cant spam buy mags etc too as every purchase you do it comes up with, ÔÇ£buy with gangfunds or own moneyÔÇØ pretty annoying
  8. Magicz

    Gang funds

    So.. from what i can see even a level one member can buy with gang funds at any rebel outpost. I think this should be changed to only level 3+, cause really anyone who you have invited to do a bank or even a trial could go buy MK1 loadouts for all their friends with your gang funds if they wanted.. Not happened to us but someone we know did this and it cost that gang around 7m ? Level 1s should not be able to do anything in gang at all IMO.
  9. In-game Name: s l Maaaaaaaaagicz Steam ID: 76561198307547316 Date of the incident: 02/11/2018 Time of the incident: IDK Lost Items and Estimated Value: 3-4 Quilins like 550k each now it isnt half price Please provide as much detail as possible: Bought 4 Quilins before half price ended so i had 8 in total, for some reason i have only 4 now, and ive only used 1 of them and always put it back in my garage to my memory? Randomly missing at very least 3 of them Any Evidence Available: Unsuspected? Must be in logs
  10. Accepted - people have vouched for you, come TS
  11. Denied - terrible app and lack of hours
  12. Na i like you tbf and you was in seismic on the other server, so your in.

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