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  1. Kral

    Alex. Report

    @—Alex— Hahaha I love it how in the video you guys are saying in Romanian; he initiated he initiated, but I heard “half” then you tell the driver; ”We can shoot him we can shoot him stop the vehicle, *gets out the car* I don’t know where he is! *Dies and Reports* Imo: they are fuly aware of being initiated as I can confirm with the video the reporter provided. He tries to kill him which is the reason the reporter told the driver to stop the vehicle we are allowed to shoot him. However due to failure of killing Alex he reports him.. nice try @Albiston
  2. Kral

    Police Hunter

    Uhmm yeah... about that. 😂😂😂 @cbjo 🚑
  3. Kral means king in turkish thats bad

  4. a piece of shit

  5. Epic

    u left? 😧

  6. John

    Welcome to the club xoxo

  7. Kral

    -[SCK] Peter Pan Report

    Case resolved moved to denied.
  8. Kral


    Appeal accepted moved to awaiting action
  9. Kral

    Mar-10 5mags

    Locked n moved
  10. More Clean up on the auctions coming soon :D 


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    2. Daniel


      that's nothing

    3. -Mason M-

      -Mason M-


    4. Kral


      @Danielyou just a hater cause im better 🖕🏿☺️🖕🏿

  11. Locked n moved. fill in the template correctly please.
  12. Kral

    Hunter 3 Mil

    Locked n moved.
  13. Locked n moved. Use correct template!
  14. Kral

    Guns for sale

    Locked n moved. use correct template.

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