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  1. Serafin Jamal

    nice one my dud my mouse is sometimes lagging xd
  2. Serafin Jamal

  3. Serafin Jamal

    What community are you coming from , and what gangs where you in the other communitys?
  4. Serafin Jamal

    if you join the gang how active are you gonna be?
  5. Serafin Jamal

    Recruitment Status is back to OPEN, we are looking for active and experienced players.
  6. Serafin Jamal

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Roster has been made, but it will get updated time to time. If you want to have a look on the current Roster klick here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Serafin Jamal

    yes sir
  8. Serafin Jamal

    ACCEPTED, last guy getting in before the apps getting closed. DENIED, feel free to reply when apps are gonna open again. Recruitment Status: CLOSED
  9. Serafin Jamal

    big yikes
  10. Serafin Jamal

    Tf are you talking about i never used "msg me if on arma" as my name
  11. Serafin Jamal

    lmao you take this game way to serious
  12. Serafin Jamal

    If your would read above, last 10 minutes whenever they attacked we had 5 or 6 people online because everybody else got tired and went to sleep.
  13. Serafin Jamal

    Everybody got bored and went to sleep and when you came at the end we just had like 5-6 members online as far i got informed. We didn't had 35 members the whole time defending the base. But gg you got it so enjoy it. Next week again, this is why they made it weekly so we can have some more fun.
  14. Serafin Jamal

    And you were benching with CYRUS from 1.2 clicks. But i liked your hotdrops, they were nice.
  15. Serafin Jamal

    You guys were bench sniping with a cyrus yesterday and you still talking.

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