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  1. I am obviously not getting away with it, thats why i am wasting my time in here with you. And its indeed the money you care about, otherwise you wouldn't care about 300k. I learned my lesson but you haven't learned yours its a game and nothing further. I will give you the rest of the money when i log in, so you can start smiling again
  2. its enough, go on with it. You will survive with the rest of your 38 mil
  3. i was not home yesterday, when i am back today i will msg him and comp him
  4. The second time i came , i saw the ifrit in the bush and this is what i went for. I didn't cared about the taru since it cant be scraped. On the way to combat land i crashed again matrox. I will comp him for his loadout etc, but i am not willing to comp for the mk1. As you can see on the video i was 0 km/h when i jumped out of my ifrit. I am not comming because arma 3 physics are sht. I will comp the type 115 and whatelse the admins decide to.
  5. thanks ai ai captain you actually typed my name for the first time corrently!
  6. people wanted to hear the mk1 shots, so i made it louder but you can hear me way to loud. thanks tho thanks:D
  7. any kind of feedback is appreciated
  8. I don't prefer flying either i just had to cause i couldn't respawn close to og. If he wants the comp i will happily give it to him
  9. Thats the second report that is up against me. If you will see the other report 64100 or something , i am lagging there aswell. My fps were droping there aswell but not as bad as now. I have my render distance at 500 and i still get a lot of fps drops. I can barely play this game, and i dont wanna waste more fps on recording so no i dont not have proof. As said i will happily comp, i did my best to get in contact with you at that time but you didnt gave a single fck.
  10. I couldn't find a way to escape him so i though i will go really high at his attitude and than parachute. But at that time when i started going up my frames drop massively , all i was doing was try to eject but because i had massive fps drops i ended up crashing into you. I did messaged you ingame if you want to solve it and i can explay and if you want comp, you didn't responded back. When i respawned sinity members told me what i did because for me i was just laying down after the fps drops and than i instantly messaged you. I am still willing to comp, or we let the admins decide. I will fully take the responsibility for my actions even if i couldn't do anything against it.
  11. just do us all a favour and stop
  12. Serafin Jamal

    64100 Report

    If admins admit that i need to comp because it was my fault, i will happily do it. But from my point of view it was not my fault.

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