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  1. Serafin Jamal

    Fat -1 , if you change that the server wont get any close to full. It will be proper dead. Just solve your issues by doing the right thing, and if they complain take your time and explain them that you right. No need to remove something cause you get complains about it.
  2. Serafin Jamal

    Sure sureeeeeee buying it now nw thanks casiey for it
  3. Serafin Jamal

    i wont give 5mil for a heli i can buy for less than a mill, all i wanted to do is bump the post
  4. Serafin Jamal

    true fully forgot that gta had something like that before their new one
  5. Serafin Jamal

    I was thinking how we could find something good looking and that other servers haven't used before. I am not good on doing stuff like that but there is my idea. https://gyazo.com/48174d766d4765c21d22764178200a9a Everything in there is black pretty dead color but if you guys like it we can change the icons and put a lot of colors in it. We can also easily change the colors from inside the circles. Let me know if you guys like it and if not why so i can improve it.
  6. Serafin Jamal

    def a gamer +1
  7. Serafin Jamal

    you won't see an EXACT one but a very similar one, give it some more days for people to think how it should look like. If you ask me i prefer the one we have now instead of a bar.
  8. Serafin Jamal

    We looking for something new that no other server have used it before, and i am pretty sure other servers used something like this aswell. Make something different that you didn't saw anywhere else.
  9. Serafin Jamal

    If they manage to flash you , you will have a white screen for about 10 second and you will get a yellow screen for another 3 or so. Maybe removing them its a bit to much but they should be nerfed.
  10. Serafin Jamal

    Its just to overpowered. When we do hm TRU members and command from police carrys them. I don't know what the rules are about flashbangs in the police but it feels like they caring atleast 5 flashbangs each. All they do is throw it in the deerstand and rush and we can't do anything against it. Make it so you not flashed for 15 or 20 seconds just change it a tiny bit if you wanna keep it or complitly remove it.
  11. Serafin Jamal

    Make it so we can move our phone to have it everywhere we want instead in the middle of the screen. Maybe to be able to choose where you wanna have your HUD aswell like top left buttom right etc
  12. Serafin Jamal

    @Big-Kevauction closed if i am still looking to sell the armed quilin will open a signel one
  13. Serafin Jamal

  14. Serafin Jamal

    Everything else has been SOLD unless the armed Quilin, if somebody is interested bid
  15. Serafin Jamal

    get on to get the strider first

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