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  1. WoozyOG

    Damn right 😂
  2. WoozyOG

    Some can be, i used to steal peoples cars and shoot there tail lights out
  3. WoozyOG

    Cops can be a pain with runs, especially when DIU or NPAS are up then most of the time you are screwed, cops roleplay is also very very minimal but you will find some cops that love the roleplay and deal with you fine if you are caught
  4. WoozyOG

    Good luck I hope it goes well 👍
  5. WoozyOG

    +1 I would like to see something like this implemented into the server, maybe not every restart but maybe every week as a server event?
  6. WoozyOG

    Calm down mate, no need for any conflicts is there?
  7. WoozyOG

    Good luck with the gang guys, I hope it goes well 👍
  8. WoozyOG

    You better get to work then
  9. WoozyOG

  10. WoozyOG

    used to happen to me when my monitor was bad and old, i got a new monitor that could support the resolution
  11. I like out of all of that new equipment you have a house phone sitting on the speaker 😂
  12. WoozyOG

    +1 rain at night looks the best
  13. WoozyOG

    @Melantha RoseYou can sing for everyone
  14. WoozyOG

    Just a few days back I met a guy in game, he was playing some good bangers through his mic and had lots of other players dancing along, I remember a good while ago there was a night where a disco floor was set up and one of the admins can’t remember who was the DJ, this brought a lot of people together which is what the server needs, just a suggestion but I would like something like this to happen to bring everyone together and have fun maybe a disco a few times a month, Reborns very own disco night. Please consider
  15. WoozyOG

    Good luck guys I hope it goes well

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