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  1. Hawk

    rr 1

    I'm just here for the beef in the comments, had to mute the sound on the video because weeb stuff isn't my jazz.
  2. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    There's honestly not too many objects, the only area which has large amounts is the walls and I only done it due to the green mountain comments.
  3. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    I assume you mean the walls? It's because they are on the hill and the ground level varies so walls cannot be same heights without floating sadly, I get what you mean and I did try my best to get them to stay level but its near to impossible without shrinking the whole compound.
  4. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    It's harder than I thought, this is the progress to green mountain now haha
  5. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    @Oscar Now that you've said that I feel it too haha and like @Albiston said I should just put a huge red and white tower there with a lighthouse and all that.
  6. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    But lads what about the juicy beret? 😂
  7. Hawk

    Rebel HQ

    Hey guys, I've been messing about in the editor again and I've made a small rebel HQ. A safe zone in which rebels can go gear up, have a laugh and mess around with other rebels. I've included a small stand so the delightful gangs can take a group picture for their gang advertisement and I've also tried to create some good lighting so that it looks shady. Altis Life back in 2014 always had a safe rebel base and some people I play with have had some of their best memories in a place like this. Just a thought and I'm not a rebel myself so I wouldn't use this, the location is good I believe it's not too close to any towns or cities other than Zaros which I know is a popular route for moonshine and drug traffickers however its close to the red zone and capture zone so rebels will be occupied and having fun, I know things have changed about Altis Life and the newer community members who didn't play back then probably won't like the idea. Also where is this juicy CSAT beret in game?
  8. So as the police force is lacking the numbers at the moment it is difficult to get into a fun situations where we can use our creativity to enhance the roleplay experience for all parties involved yet tonight whilst numbers were low we managed to get some good roleplay from a few members of the community and those are listed in the title and I had to get there names just so they could be noticed. Jordd (Doris), An old lady who recently lost her husband, drives about doing her bingo and daily shopping on her Scooter. It's always fun when I run into Doris and the roleplay is fun and everyone is having a laugh so I have to give credit for that as it makes the experience 100 times better for me and my fellow officers. Trident (Not sure on in game name), Supposed friend of doris however ended up being the cause to her death. This man seemed fond of Doris and followed her around. Most likely a stalker but yet again everything that happened in game just had a fun side to it and everyone was involved with the situations they were involved in. Cook (Cuck Simp), This guy was just a good laugh he was arrested by myself for attempting to assassinate Doris and tried to use some mind tricks to make me release him to finish what he started however he lost his firearm and was forced away from the area and he did some good roleplay checking in at the desk with Jimmay (Police Ride Along), they spoke to each other and Jimnay noted down why he was being arrested and it was a great roleplay experience. Each of these guys had a story and it made the rp much better as we had something to work with. I just wanted to say thank you for not shooting at us and letting us have fun to end the evening. Wish I recorded it all.
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