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  1. Jordd

    DENIED Due to your lack of effort on this unban appeal and your attitude on Teamspeak thinking that management knows who you are and are going to unban you because I won't, this appeal is being denied. You may appeal again in 1 months time. Authorized by PaulS
  2. Jordd

    Please fill in the correct template for compensation requests found here - https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/ And make a new post. @Omar Soleyman
  3. Jordd

    DENIED This ban is not appealable until the 19/07/2018 Although I will say there is no point as the number of bans you have had there is no chance of being unbanned early.
  4. Jordd

    DENIED This ban is not appealable until the 17/07/2018
  5. Jordd


  6. Jordd

    Moved to denied.
  7. Jordd

    ACCEPTED & ISSUED 250K @ReaperBeno
  8. Jordd

    @Mason 24 hours to respond or this will be denied.
  9. Jordd

    DENIED Watch where you're going next time?
  10. Jordd

    Since Kyle has not responded I will make a judgment on the evidence I have. Initiating on a truck that is moving that fast is impossible you can hear in the video him talk and then it cuts out as it goes out of range. Therefore I will be issuing the player with a 7-day ban for POOR RP.
  11. Jordd

    @elyK Please explain?
  12. Jordd

    @conor1233 22 viral hacks?
  13. Jordd

    ACCEPTED Player issued with a 7day ban for POOR RP.
  14. Jordd

    @Omar Soleyman Video isn't working?
  15. Jordd

    DENIED Although this is not very good roleplay the request was made twice. 3.13 Poor RP Poor roleplay is when the standard of RP was not up to the level we require on our server, each situation will be dealt with separately, and we will not say you can say x, y and z and that's good enough, as then that's all that would be said, but to try and put it in context here is an example: Hands up or you will be shot 3..2..1..dead = poor Hands up or you will be shot 3..2..1...cmon buddy don't make me shoot you....3..2..1..dead = not poor

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