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  1. What a shame it is when you dedicated so much time into this community just for it to be thrown back in your face... I guess this is my leaving status.

    PaulS has basically forced me out of the community.

    Thankyou to everyone that has made my time here fabulous I wish everyone the best of sucess in there future endeavours! And remember to stay sassy <33


    Much Love

    The Queen x

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    2. Neo


      Hoggie, easy...

    3. Boris Popov

      Boris Popov

      Wow....really didn't see this coming, didn't speak to you much but when I did speak to you in support you seemed like a nice guy and really helpful (for even the stupidest questions).




    4. Nightfury


      Didn't you force me out the medics and discriminate against me cause i didn't like you

  2. Jordd

    20 mil
  3. In-game name: Posted for JuizyAZ Steam ID: 76561198038314765 Date of ban: 05/14/2018 Reason for ban: Pull downs, meme-in the anti-cheat system in teamspeak3 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I explained the new anti-cheat system to others which should've been kept secret and basically telling them how to ruin it. Why should we unban you? I feel like I should get a second chance because I made a stupid mistake pure out of emotions at the time, I regret saying all that about the anti-cheat if anything I should've showed more support towards it, as it's a big issue in-game which Neo and Fuel were fighting against. So I can see why Fuel banned me from the community. I also believe I was an excellent player in the server that always behaved and you never had issues with, fun guy to be around and roleplay with.
  4. Jordd

    Yawn this has been done a thousand times in different ways.
  5. Jordd

    I would buy scum as i still dont own a copy because i'm a poor ugly gay man x
  6. Jordd

    I wish it was true. I used to be staff lead. X
  7. Jordd

    I would like this game because i'm old and retired. (Reborn pension doesn't pay enough)
  8. Jordd


  9. I think it's funny how @MadHatter has the audicity to report somebody for toxicity. POT. KETTLE. BLACK.

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    2. Jordd


      I just think it's ironic you can report people for being toxic when you are the definition of TOXIC.

      I know what you did and I'm surprised that you've been let back here with the childish shit you did.

    3. MadHatter


      Okay well that's your opinion and it should have stayed that way not plastered on the forums.

    4. Jordd


      Freedom of speech.

      Go and crawl back under your log.

  10. Jordd

    DENIED It feels like your still trying to justify breaking rules with excuses. You can wait the rest of your ban out.
  11. Jordd

  12. Jordd

    DENIED You are not eligible to put in an unban appeal until the 23/08/2018 You also have 4 other bans so you had plenty of chance to go and read the rules. You are banned for this rule break:- 10.5 You cannot retreat to green zones for safety. Police are still allowed to use non-lethal force in this area but should provide roleplay prior to engaging! Who doesn’t love a good foot chase?
  13. Jordd

    DENIED Insufficient evidence.
  14. Jordd

    ACCEPTED Player issued with a 7-day ban for Homophobia You are an ex-staff member as you like to remind everyone you should know the rules.
  15. Jordd

    @JackusBrackus So you're saying because you have exams and are stressed you can break rules on the server and its okay?

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