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  1. ACCEPTED Since the player failed to respond i will go ahead without his version of events. Player will recieve a 24 hour ban for FAIL RP / RDM If you require compensation please fill out the relevant forms.
  2. I will be dealing with this report. I have spoke to the player in game and he is making a forum account to respond.
  3. I have spoke to the player ingame and given a verbal warning due to the miscommunication on both sides and the fact he has no previous bans or warnings.
  4. I will be dealing with this as i watched the whole situation @Boris2988 You told me the situation was over and you was revved why did you let the medic revive you if combat was still going on?
  5. Jordd™


    DENIED If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Because i did not realise i had to ask an in game admin and the mistake wont be made again. You have 570 Hours on this server i do no believe you did not know this. You forget to mention you lied about asking an admin then backtracking on it when caught out. With your ban history you're lucky this is only a week and you can sit it out.
  6. Moved to perm ban appeal.
  7. Jordd™


    ACCEPTED Please accept through the phone compensation box.
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