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  1. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    Who We Are? 10 years ago there was a feared gang called The Altis Cartel, they were vicious and relentless murderers as well as being expert thieves. These traits were made so much more threatening by their lack of remorse, mercy and feelings. They would kill or destroy anything that stood in their way. The leader of this cartel was a man called JazztasticJim and with his loyal right hand men Volk And Johnny English who had been running the streets since childhood making them unstoppable when it came to moving drugs. Their lives took a dramatic turn for the worse when the Altis swat team had caught up with them, locating and raiding their warehouse resulting in the three getting locked up. The gang had been shut down and it was too risky for the members to carry on with their illegal lifestyles meaning the gang had retired. They were imprisoned for 15 years, but they are out now and they are going to start again but this time bring some of the members with them from prison to help them on their way to becoming the most wanted gang on the island. So if you hear of The Altis Cartel or see them, I suggest you stay away or you might find yourself in a barrel. What we do? Our main goal is total control over drugs. If we want it we will take it. We will be doing drugs, Killing, Stealing, Making money, Counting money, Executions if you mess with us.  Roster Want to join? Requirements : - Good communication Skills - - Be able to follow chain of command - - Understand the Server Rules - How To Apply? Application Form *NOTE* Application reply time is a maximum of 24 hours. You will be sent a PM via the forums. OPEN
  2. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    😂😂 reposted it on the old thread
  3. Hoodyanik Abolokov

  4. Hoodyanik Abolokov

  5. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    im looking for a dedcent gang to join on the server as my old gang doesnt really play anymore i have around 5oo hrs on arma and about 400 of that is roleplay. I am a good roleplayer and know how to excel in combat situations
  6. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    In-game name: Hoodyanik abolokov Steam ID: 76561198346819533 Date of ban: 02/08/19 Staff member that banned you: outsyder Reason for ban: i was accused of rdm with no initiation Why do you think you were banned: rdm Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i feel i do not deserve a ban because i did not mean to rdm, we where in a HEMTT truck and the police 'initiated' on us according to my friend so we stopped and i shot at the police car and killed 2 cops i wouldnt of done this if i knew it was tyre initiation but my friend said that the police shot at him so we both thought we could initiate. I think this was a big misunderstanding and a possible miscomunication between me my friend and the police and i think i deserve to be unbanned as it will not happen again If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: beacuse it was a bit of a misunderstanding and i am not the type of person to rdm as i have been on the server since 2012 and enjoy playing it very much. I feel as i am innocent Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: yes there was as i was told the police initiated when they did not.To be honest it is no ones fault just a mistake by my firend which led to this. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  7. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    In-game name: Adam dingleberry Steam ID: 76561198346819533 Date of ban: 06/22/2018 Reason for ban: accused of duping Staff member that banned you: mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe i didnt deserve this ban as i am completely innocent! I was not involved in duping the gear. I joined the server and my gang leader gave me a backpack with a gun in it i then used the gun and later on i logged on to the server and i got banned straight away. It really sucks because as i said i am completely innocent and i was not involved in the process of duping any gear. I also would like to say that i have joined team speak many times about this situation and i have been told numerous times to make an appeal which i have done 3 times now i feel that my situation is being dealt with correctly as i am innocent. My friend has also been unbanned as he was innocent like me this annoying for me as its unfair that he gets another chance and i don't. I really want to play on the server ad i really miss playing with my friends please give me another chance Why should we unban you? Becasue i am innocent and my friend was in the exact same situation and he was unbanned so if i am not unbanned then i will be annoyed
  8. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    In-game name: Hu Flung Dung Steam ID: 76561198346819533 Date of ban: 05/13/2018 Reason for ban: i was accused of duping gear Staff member that banned you: mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I feel my ban was not deserved as i took no part in duping any gear. It was someone else in my gang that was doing the duping and at the time i had no idea about it but it turns out i was using gear that was given to me by the player who duped it. Why should we unban you? I think i should be unbanned because as i said i took no part in duping the gear and i really enjoy playing on the server and i miss it. I would also like to mention one of my friends who also got accused of duping has been unbanned so i feel it is only fair that i also get another chance.
  9. Hoodyanik Abolokov

    In-game name: TV | Adam Dingleberry Steam ID: 76561198346819533 Date of ban: 05/13/2018 Reason for ban: duping Staff member that banned you: mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I was banned for using duped gear. I was not aware that it was duped as of when i picked up a bag from a crate. it had a gun and armour in it which i used as my loadout i believe other people in my gang or maybe hackers duped the gear that was used. i feel my ban was not deserved because as i said i was not aware of this as i only picked up a bag with within it. Why should we unban you? I feel you should unban me because i love the server and i love roleplaying on this server as it is so much fun compared to other servers in my opinion. I have also spent a while on the server making money with my gang and i feel as anyone banned including me should be given a second chance

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