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  1. Morty Smith

    I gave Kirkland leader so i didn't kick anyone. 🙂
  2. Morty Smith

    In-game name: Finlay Steam ID: 76561198108732841 Date of ban: 09/10/2018 Reason for ban: Lagswitch Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was unjustified as I didn't even know what "lag switch Duping" is until now. From what I understand you pull the plug and if you lose you keep it out and time out and you lose nothing but if you win you put it back in and act like nothing has happened. If the logs are checked I haven't timed out once in the last few days. If you also check logs you can see I have lost millions from the casino. Why should we unban you? You should unban me as I haven't lag switched and if you check the logs nothing will show up. I accidentally double clicked and it did two at once and gave me double but that was accidentally and If that is the reason I don't think I should be perm banned for an accident.
  3. Morty Smith

    Got another one.
  4. Morty Smith

    I buy one.
  5. Morty Smith

    No longer wanting to buy one.
  6. Morty Smith

    No longer wanting to buy one.
  7. Morty Smith

    No longer wanting to buy one.
  8. Morty Smith

    No longer wanting to buy one.
  9. Morty Smith

  10. Morty Smith

    Should be on 10pm-11am.
  11. Morty Smith

    Name: Finlay Money: 60mill. Do you have both rebel license: both. Why do you want to join (25+words): Looking for a new gang with Drafts/C137. I also want to meet the Nefarious members. 🙂 Who can vouch for you: Don't Know?
  12. Morty Smith

    2 mill (give me it now dad).
  13. Morty Smith

    Don't mind my bid, no longer wanting one.
  14. Morty Smith

  15. Morty Smith

    4 mill is the buy now price no?

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