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  3. it doesn't matter pretty much I was a hobo and you pretty much paid me for a recommendation lol
  4. @Sucre Remember when I scammed you lol?
  5. In-game name: Gypsy/ Vex Steam ID: : 76561198310826717 Date of ban: 12/30/2018 Reason for ban: Exploiting and ban history. Staff member that banned you: sanders/paul s Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It wasn't on purpose, and it was classes ad exploit. I got out of cuffs idk even know how to and it a glitch with the server and I think you staff memebers are thinking that I intentionally got out of cuffs. I got out of cuffs and killed a cop it was a glitch with the server and did not mean to exploit it was a server glitch. Why should we unban you? I understand I have had a lot of bans on this server, In the past 2 months and this is ridiculous but I have been missing the server a lot. I really want to play this server as this is best role-play commuites out there. I bought arma to play roleplay servers like this and I'm not a fan of other servers as in this server there is actually good roleplay. I might have broken rules and that does affect on people but I'm sorry. I know what I have done wrong. My first ban was a perm banned something bad happened to me in irl and I was depressed and decided to play some arma to cheer my self up as usualy gaming helps me to be more happier. We were alies with this gang named NATO, but they decided to rob us at rebel 2 times and I was pissed off and was aangry asf and decided to be toxic on this side chat towards to the gang. Later, I did apologise to the gang and I spoke to them on discord about it and I was sorry towards to the staff who was dealing with this. I learnt my mistake, and I never was toxic ever in sidechat from then. Next, I got banned for stealing an open car in the greenzone, at that time I just played a different server and the greenzones have complete different rules compared to reborn and you can rob cars there but I realised that this rule is not on this server and I had regret. My next ban wouldn't have been a ban if my new friend knew how to see messages. We were at the drug dealer and we got iniated from police so I kill them but we apparently were not iniated but then cop crashes into me and says that I vdm him but I didn't that ban was for vdm/rdm. There was an admin playing as police (Pine) he didn't really know what happened as in his channel cops were saying that we broke rdm and vdm so he messaged [MONT] Joe(my friend) and he messagwed him 3 times to resolve but as my friend is new to the server he didn't realise he received any messages and pine did not messaged me or I would have been up to resolve what happened at the situation. Also, no one had video footage of the situation too. I spoke to pine and he understood where I was coming from and nothing was intentional. I didn't really do much wrong and I wish pine had messaged me so I could have resolved as we didn't really break and rules as we were iniated with the police. Finally, my next ban we take an officer hostage and we agree to give him back to a cop(sander) and then we give them the hostage and we were going to leave but then they get backup and get a lot of police and I didn't know what to do and the cop who we took hostage and just tazed me because I was really confused. Then I was cuffed but in my game I wasn't cuffed and I was afk I comeback and I'm out of cuffs so I kill the police because I thought I got out of the tazer animtiob but that wasn't the case. I did not mean to get out oif cuffs and it was a server glitch and I feel that isn't ny fault as it was a glitch with the server and wasn't intentionall what so ever. I didn't do anything wrong and sanders banned me and I don't think he wanted to resolve with me either and just banned me instead as I apparently exploited even though it was a server issue. I would like to have chat with a staff member for my ban as it was just a strange ban. I love this server a lot and its great I have had great times on this server. The roleplay si really funny and I would like a final chance. I have read the rules many times and now so I will never really break any rules. I understand I have had a lot of bans but I would like one more chance. I am sorry but I understand sorry is no good but I promise you this will never happen again. All times I have been banned there has been no resolving I do want to resolve instead of me getting banned. But I apologise and would like to have one more chance I'm missing my kavala roleplay and funny roleplay with the police when I play as a hobo.
  6. Vex

    In-game name: Vex Steam ID: 167689 Date of ban: 12/31/2017 Reason for ban: Exploiting and ban history. Staff member that banned you: Sanders Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Did deserve the ban, and understood but but I feel like sanders could have resolved it. Why should we unban you? I have had a lot of bans in the past and in my opinion I think I have learnt enough about the bans, I have read the rules many times before and understand them a lot. My first ban, was me being toxic toward this gang on reborn. They robbed me twice at rebel and I had lost a lot of money and was very pissed off, and said bad things about them on that day something bad happned in my life, so I decided to play some arma 3 to make my self happier as gaming does make me happy but this gang named NATO who we were alies with decided to be dicks to us and robbed us twice at rebel, and I decided to be a <inappropriate2> towards them and said bad things about them since then I never said anything negative to anyone in side chat and I was calmed. The next ban was a 1 day ban, I pretty much took a cop car out of the green zone(pretty much stole it, and then iniated on the cop out of greenzone and killed him). I undertood what I did wrong and I just played grandtheftarma aswell just before and literally forgot as GTA green zone rules are very different. Then, I got banned again for a month but it was decreased to 1 day what happened was my sound was very low and mad hatter iniated on me and I killed him and his mate I didn't have recording of it or he did aswell but he did iniate as it sounded like it then and Kappa venom crashed into me and then I kill her as we are iniated the admin tries to resolve this by messaging my friend joe who is fairly new to the game and didn't know he received messages to reolve so we couldn't resolve and they never messaged him. Therefore, we get banned and the next day I have chat with the admin pine and he understand what I did wrong and it wasn't intention rdm, as I thought we were iniated as the cso was trying to shoot me too when DIU came. Then this leads to my final ban, we take JOEY as a hostage we take his mk1 and then they get like 5 memebers to attack me and my friend we didn't know what happened as we agreed that if we give joey back nothing will happen but the police push me and I get tazerd by joey for no reason even though we made an agreement but then I go on my steam overlay to carry on watching a vid which I was watching before I then shift tab out and see that I'm proned ont he floor with my gun out and I kill them apparently I was cuffed tho but idk even though it was glitch but it was classed as exploiting I didn't purposely get out of cuffs or anything it was just a glitch. I think I do deserve to be unbanned as I have learnt all my mistakes from this server and would like 1 more chance to prive my self that I will not rule break, all my bans are not intentional and I have know the rules since my first ban. I have had great moments, on this server and have meet great people this community is phenomnel and would like 1 more chance. I have commited that many mistakes that I know I will never make this occur again. All my mates, play on this server too and I would like 1 more chance. I hope you inderstand where I'm coming from I honestly don't intentionally rule break and if I did I would never be writing and unban request. This server means a lot to me and would like 1 more chance. I'm not the best at writing these things, but I hope you can accept my aplogy and I understand event though I didn't meant to intentionally rule break I have understood my misatkes and I apologise vastly. Thank you Vex (The cuff glitch was a server issue)
  7. Nice frags mate
  8. Had great rp with this guy sound, funny guy lol @Bobby Shmurda
  9. Hahahah <3 that's me lmao @Frank Macapone
  10. Application Form:In-game name? - VexAge? -15 Are you a binman? - No lol.Bank balance? -700kHave you got both rebel licenses? -Don't have ADV but I'm willing to grind for it, its because I'm struggling to get money as I'm pretty much doing solo runs which then I get robbed.Hours on Arma 3? - 700Previous gangs? - I was in Hydra and TREX(This gang had some idiots but wasn't really an official gang)Why would you like to join Garbo? - I would like to join Garbo because I have seen them in game and they have decent combat skills and make money. I would say I'm decent at CQC/Mid range and I think that suits me in the gang. Also, my mate luken is in the gang too. The gang looks great, and I think it is one of the bests on this server. Garbo are always successful in everything they do for example robbing (as they have robbed me before lol) and other things like that. Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - @Luken001
  11. Vex

    AIn-game name: Vex Steam ID: 76561198310826717 Date of ban: 12/28/2017 Staff member that banned you: Pine Reason for ban: RDM,VDM Why do you think you were banned: I was banned because I was at pablos drug dealer and I thought I got iniated it on my cops but they didnt iniate I had low volume on arma and couldnt tell and I thought we were iniated so I killed MadHatter and Steph curry, then Pine comes and Vanguard iniates on him and my frined MONT Joe doesnt give him enough time to react and kills him then I leave with my truck and kappa venom crashed into I get out my truck and kill him as I thought we were iniated on the cops then i get tazed and get banned. Pine messaged joe 3 times and my friend joe is just stupid asf and didnt tell me and we were going to resolve but joe never saw the messages and he never told me and didnt look so we got banned. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I deserve the ban, but it was a mistake and didnt interniolly RDM madhatter and other cops in the scence.Also, if Joe told me he received a message I would have been happy to resolve but no he didn't see the message which led us both to be banned, and I wouldnd have been banned if he told me about it. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I should be banned because I didnt meant to RDM I thought we were iniated witht the police. All my mates play in this coummity and its great all the staff are great compared to my past servers I have played on. I am so sorry for making this mistake, we could have easily resolved this issue but my friend dint see the messages which got both of us banned. I have been playing on this commuity non stop for the past weeks and have enjoyed every little aspect of this. The roleplay has been phenomneal, and I get really good roleplay with police and many people and everyone roleplays well and thats why I think I should be unbanend I am an active person on this server excpet from the weekdays because I dont have that much time to play so I usally play a lot in the holidays and on the weekends but since im banned I cant play on the holidays but that is my fault and my friends. Also, im a friendly person and I honely really like this commucity and dont want to get banend for decent amount of time. I apologise vastly about what I did and im sorry. Im shit at writing these things. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Yes, joe got a message to resolve didnt see it then we get baned I didnt recieve any messgae and the admin saw Joe rdm and didnt give him enough time to react but there was no evidence from anyone of us and the police too. I have read the rules a couple times now and I know what im doing Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  12. helped me too
  13. Id like to withdraw my app, sorry thx Vex <3
  14. Is there a sale?

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