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  1. Bring back vex



  2. Vex

    He doesnt
  3. Vex

    Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes Also didn't even try to resolve
  4. Vex

    Nice evidence loollll reporting gang mate
  5. Vex

    -1 bit op tbh
  6. Vex

    +1 hello beta @Luken001
  7. Vex

    InGame Name: Vex Steam ID:76561198310826717 Age: 15 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):http://prntscr.com/ic3w2m Previous Gangs: Not really been in a proper gang just play with IRL Mates. I have been in Vanguard and the police Why would you like to join Seismic: I would like to join a Sesimic because it looks like a great gang, which will be able to perform well at sits and win gunfights. What can you bring to Seismic: CQC, Mid range, Comms pretty much all my combat skills. What current memeber could vouch for you: Maybe Zico?????
  8. Vex

    Good luck
  9. Vex

    oh sorry big man you ghora <3
  10. Vex

    hi beta. I would suggest purchasing the 8th gen 15 instead as it is better or get an 17 8th gen as they are great for games like arma.
  11. Vex

    good luck bbz
  12. Anyone selling 7.62 suppressors?

    1. Tom Skyline

      Tom Skyline

      I have about 11

    2. Vex


      How much, only need like 2 tho?

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