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  1. come down today and try some corn or we will sacrifice your new born 

  2. anyone that steps foot in PD is instantly getting lit up with lethals. dw guys its not police brutality...
  3. threw my coke can down the stairs and gave my adopted cat a concussion, 1 like = 1 prayer 

  4. I think i just heard a cat fight outside then some woman with a broom stick chasing them away lol 

  5. Domino

    El Diablo Report

    none of us shot, shoud've come to teamspeak to resolve shouldn't you? we dont want comp, just stupid how you broke the rules and your whining about it
  6. Domino

    El Diablo Report

    In-game name: Domino Piesmish Name of the player(s) you are reporting: El Diablo Date of the incident: 03/30/19 Time of the incident: around 6 o'clock What rule do you believe was broken: RDM - Random deathmatch. killing someone without an initiation or reason. Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tstVR9PinZI&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: We were in athira and we just tried to hold up this man in the store, i myself run inside a house to take cover but this helicopter lands out of nowhere i don't shoot them as i dont think that they are with the person we were holding up they were in a completely separate gang from the person we held up and my friend Benjazum runs over and says hello and he gets killed on the spot. asked to come to ts but he never came. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  7. The butter cat is beautiful xoxox

  8. The butter cat is beautiful xoxox

  9. Domino

    Gabe Piesmush

    In-game Name: Gabe Piesmush Steam ID: 76561198134665684 Date of the incident: 04/08/2018 Time of the incident: 2:05 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: MXC With 12 Mags with suppressor and ARCO // Light combat helmet (Tan) Worn Combat Fatigues (MTP) Kitbag (mtp) Black NV goggles black bandana Carrier Rig Plate MK1 // 10 Tactical Bacon 10 water bottles 1 handcuffs 10 lockpicks 4 redbulls. 300k+ Please provide as much detail as possible: After Alt-Tabbing out of TS to Ingame i discover myself on the floor and i get up and try to walk to the pavement and get flung into space Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFoTMc7mcTo&feature=youtu.be
  10. Domino

    Gabe Piesmush

    It's also not my fault as i couldnt move the helicopter when the "no message recieved" in red writing comes up resulting in me dying
  11. Domino

    Gabe Piesmush

    In-game Name: Gabe Piesmush Steam ID: 76561198134665684 Date of the incident: 04/07/2018 Time of the incident: 2am Around that time Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: MXC with 10 mags / Carrier rig plate mk1 / worn combat fatigues / Bandana with glasses / Combat helmet with a bush on top, not sure of name / Kitbag Sage tan / 10 water 9 tactical bacon 1 handcuff 10 lockpicks. £300,000 minimum Please provide as much detail as possible: I was flying to my friend being robbed after a road collision which a rule was broken there (Already Dealt With) Upon landing, my internet disconnected and my helicopter landed and the roter detached and exploded Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk2DbhqabWo
  12. Domino

    Gabe Piesmush Comp

    Ingame name is Gabe Piesmush time of occurence 2:20am steamid 76561198134665684 I was Flying near weed field to rescue my friend and when i come to landing my internet dies and my helicopter explodes. E V I D E N C E : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk2DbhqabWo&feature=youtu.be Im unsure of the names of the gear that i had but i must've has atleast £250,000+ worth of gear. Attached is a picture of my lifeless corpse to see if you can distinguish any clothing i am wearing however i did have a MXC with a MRCO and a Suppressor. https://gyazo.com/003946243163ddf589599b22d8afe693 In my inventory i had... 1x Handcuffs 9x tactical bacon 10x water 10x lockpicks
  13. Sorry i haven't been able to come online this past week, I've had Mock GCSE exams and a ton of revising to do. on top of that some family problems.

    I'll be online every other day

    Thanks :)

    1. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      real life is more important than arma dont stress it 

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