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  1. In-game name: ^Swanta Steam ID: 76561198153967301 Date of ban: 03/10/19 Reason for ban: Tried selling a TFU ifrit wich someone gave to me. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No it was justified, At that time I just needed some money and my mate was chief tfu and we were about to stop playing arma. Why should we unban you? So I just tried to make some money with selling the ifrit for a lot of money. It didn't really work out that well and it was just a stupid thing to do. I hope we can laugh about it at the end. Besides that I really want to play arma again and join the police on reborn. I am sorry for what happened and I hope I can start playing again on my favorite server. Nothing like this will happen anymore.
  2. R u aware that, your wil be breaking the Public Order Act 1986, section 1: riot act. If this take place you can be imprisioned or given a ticket depending on how severe the riot is, including everyone else whos with you will get same result "Roleplay wise" But would still be awesome to see a riot happening no doubt bout that
  3. Happy birthday my love ❤️

    1. Joe Darkson

      Joe Darkson

      Thanks Matthewww

  4. time, it variates from Hours to Minutes, to days, from minutes to hours to days, it is the unknown number everyone is curious about.
  5. Now your confusing me, you being a cop has nothing with the decision of joining them who knows, you may have a demon inside of ya
  6. Just know there is many of them and they are active bbut if you join you ll have to deal with a monkey.
  7. happy birthdaay lovely fellow human

    1. Connor Benson

      Connor Benson

      Thank you so much, even more lovely fellow human.

  8. I am the support member that was involved with the resolving @Charlie Thomas Accordingly to what I've been told is that, there was another gunfight with @Luke Wilsonearlier and thats why luke died, howver that same gunfight has kept going for a while, and [email protected] drives by the gunfight not knowing it was active, so when @GeiTVaderGeiTVader and his mate drove by and picked up a gun, they got shot upon, however none of them died.(this have them both confirmed to be a fact) @GeiTVader then returns to the gunfight and get killed on the attempt of picking up ammunition for the gun. I've told @GeiTVader that... it was his own fault for drving into the gunfight again, therefor its not RDM on the other partie side to shoot him as they already shot him once and then he returned I've told @Luke Wilson that... if he could prove that he wasnt involved in the gunfight that @GeiTVader was invovled in by representing a video that was before he was killed and bleeding out, then @GeiTVader would have to comp him for his lost assets due to we then knowing that how he died, do note that the video @GeiTVader proves that he was involve, I did not get an eye peek on that video therefor I can not express myself any further. I've also told @Luke Wilsonit is preferable to have a video with sound as if that was a admin perspective, he/she wouldn't know whats going on in the video when your chatting as in anything could've been said to provoke, which is unknown I COULD NOT TAG SkippyS THEREFOR I'VE REFERED GeiTVader as him instead so he sees this. Anyhow, this is just what I remember, and I am not replying to discuss nor cause problems this will be a final post from me as I wanted to inform that I've been there in an attempt to resolve.
  9. Been told you were in IB tho, thus is why IB is faniliar 4 u & other former IBs from RPUK, however I am inspired by the movie. RPUK IBs has very little involvement
  10. I usually dont like this kind of music, but this one doesn't sound that bad
  11. its pink and purple, oh and I got candy and free wifi! so it is doing absolutely great
  12. May the mighty god curse you!
  13. I ain't the greatest on designing, but I've some experience, I will be Lee's sidekick and do some if ya like, but no promises that it is going to be great, but it will be something

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