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  1. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Am always a top comm supp
  2. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    SO MUCH WRONG In this video, let me go through few... the first rule broke: 3.13 Poor RP Secondly: He would have no chance to respond to your request either way as he were flying off + the helicopter is loud as it already is. Thirdly: You should not say hands up or die to someone in a vehicle, you should tell them to leave their vehicle or they will be fired upon or maybe heli will be disabled? Fourthly: You could have said land the helicopter otherwise it will be disabled, or you wil be shot. which would make the initiation valid Just my Point of View of what seen. So overall "bad initiation" it is. I personally would have comped the guy if that was me disabling his helicopter. So I guess your title, tells you what to do next time I believe...
  3. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Mayor @Tidus is the one and only mayor, rest are fake mayors, we should eliminate them
  4. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    That's where you wrong, In-game Audio includes, helicopter spins, gunshots, engines and more. it simply just changs the "whole" In-Game Audio into 10%, apart from communication with other players.
  5. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Right... This rule basically means if player 1 crashes into player 2 causing a Trafic collision, bare in mind player 1 can be a cop or a rebel, maybe BW. same goes for player 2. But lets use few example. If player 1 is a cop and causes player 2 missing tires by hitting Player 2s car, RTC, may be seen as VDM. If player 1 is a rebel and causes player 2 missing tires by hitting Player 2s car, RTC, May be seen as VDM So if anything, just be careful when driving, why would it be an exception, then when rebels pursuit somebody, would it be the same, because of course there is contact when rebel pursuits another rebel, or maybe a cop.
  6. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    united hobos 3.0 xd @Jack Afrebalos<3
  7. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    How did we end up in this universe, @Knasen is always toxic and never nice always rude
  8. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    I'll take 6 million please, :D
  9. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    mhm... I will only vote on you if you pay me 😜
  10. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    I will find you, and I will tickle you
  11. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    So you couldnt find me , so impudent. It has been an amazing year tho. We should thank you Much love ...
  12. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    SIR calm down I dont have your food. Hi friend. GL reapz my one and only<3
  13. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Me never jelly, me pink 😘
  14. MatthewMankeyDarhk

  15. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Gang has merged with : Move this post to archive

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