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  1. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Night time is enjoying, but I would rather think it like too much darkness, when it is dark its set on 100% and you cant see shit, but in IRL, you would see atleast something in the dark. Would post an example but am unavailable to do so
  2. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    I normally dont lagg, but when grims here, oh no. I think @Grim Reaper is a virus
  3. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    My price for all non tru quillins is 2.500.000. It is a fair price as 1 quillin cost about 750k in the normal rebel shop.(Which would be 3.750.000 if full priced) and not 100k per quillin, thats way too low for a quillin So me taking 1.250.000 off and offering 2.500.000(500k per quillin) for them all is fair and the only price am willing to negotiate down to is 2.000.000(400k per quillin) and no lower. Which would be 1.750.000 off the original price. If u would like to negotiate, the price and how many you want send an offer @sammer18
  4. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    1 TRU quillin 5 different coloured Quillins(1 Cyan, 2Black 3 others) 3,5mil? (583,3k for each if calculated)
  5. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    what a meme, first 8mil -> 13mil -> 18mil -> 15mil, 4 changes, whats next? 20mil? #BuyNowPrice
  6. MatthewMankeyDarhk


  7. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    I know, but who knows whos a PAR+ and imagine no medics on duty, how would cops contact the PAR+? I have lost many assets due to no medics on and no one reviving me, I dont really care about my gear but it would make stufd lot easier for the civs and cops whenever no medics on duty.
  8. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Making Cops able to revive people when no medics on duty,.
  9. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Sounds smart mr. Albiston. I agree.
  10. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Mighty Grim Reaper, oh no. He is very dangerous with the safari hat.
  11. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Insulting an officer, insulting a civilian, what is the difference? Imagine, someone insulting a Civilian, because they disagree, would a cop stop and give a punishment? No he wouldn't he would split them up and tell em to go their own way, otherwise they will be taken into custody. NOW you are a bloody criminal being arrested, you can't expect everyone to be respectful and have a calm attitude, as a cop you deal with toxic people, you deal with criminals, people who give zero fucks, etc... If you can't take an insult as a cop, you shouldn't be a cop. Am not saying that everyone can just come around and insult the Officers non-stop if that happens then obviously deal with them, but if an officer can not take 2 or 3 insults, then why the hell is he/she a cop. POINT BEING, your sentence should not be extended because of Insulting, due to your trained to deal with toxic and stressful situations as a cop, deal with it with the training given.
  12. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    I personal think that the punishment system should be changed not just the prison sentence.
  13. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    "Just following the rule" we can both be bloody on the same side when I say : It is silly to crush a vehcle for avaiding police, silly to take unnessecary actions because you have the ability to do so. It is in total silly that it is going to be followed when known its stupid to take such action, like who would be here and have their vehicle crushed 24/7 because of one simple crime that aint killing or murdering. Cops even ignore the following rules because they know its not bloody worth it at times: 8.1.16 - Always issue a suspect with three chances to pay a ticket. A refusal to pay three times is a jail sentence. No matter the ticket amount. 8.2.1 - You’re not permitted to patrol on your own, if there is other officers available. An a few more, why are they ignoring these in sertain situations? Because they 1. Know its unnessecary. 2 know its bloody silly at times. 3 its not worth taking not so smart action Honestly? We are just following a rule, legit matey, as a cop you could know when it is unnessecary and when its not.
  14. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    If you RP you're using your right of being silence, they take it as "Refuses to roleplay" and just do whatever they want to due to being annoyed and they dont like the roleplay. I experienced, a cop crushing and sending me to prison for 10 minutes without giving me my ticket option first which were 100k in total for all my crimes JUST because I refused to talk and use my right to be silence. And insulting a cop increases the prison time...? you are being charged of specific stuff... what could increase prison time A TINY BIT. If you insult them very bad they can be charged: Verbal Assault as it is an aditional crime onto the others. which may add A TINY different on the sentence The sentence should not be different how you roleplay with the officer, if your being charged of something, thats it, the cop shall not expand your sentence because he didnt like or feels like it aint enough roleplay. If your being charged with avaiding police, your vehicle should not get crushed, but inpounded. If you refuse to talk the ticket shall not extend the normal price of avaiding police or you shall not be sent to prison without given the option to pay a ticket. Roleplay comes first correct, but a cop is not the one to choose whether its good enough to take unnessecary actions.
  15. MatthewMankeyDarhk

    Probably because you have a good PC My pc freezes sometime, whenever I get a black screen, and the next thing I know is my game crashes

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