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  1. Matthew Darhk

    Are you sick leonidas? I know a doctor who can help. Jkes, welldone looks good.
  2. Matthew Darhk

    Thanks evryone, every feedback will be taken in mind while doing this!
  3. Matthew Darhk

    your not wrong, it is from codeacademy html tutorial, am using it to get and example, so atm trying to rethink and rework the homepage as if it were mine.
  4. Matthew Darhk

    Taken into notes, thanks for the feedback! Kind regards Your love
  5. Matthew Darhk

    Hello everyone, am working on a homepage, I just recently started on it today after training for a good 4 days. I would appreciate everyone's feedback, bad or good doesn't matter, am trying to improve. AND please do tell, if you think something should be added or if you believe something should be removed, and keep in mind this is a school project. I am aware it requires some CSS work, but I will get into that later. Thanks beforehand! MY GOALS WITH THE WEBSITE: - the website has to be user-friendly - The website has to be easy and simple to use. https://imgur.com/a/KUI33cv
  6. Matthew Darhk

    Monkey is love. and love is monkey . MONKEY never silly,
  7. Matthew Darhk

    What he said, speak to the admins and the police command and set up the whole thing, am sure the admins would help with the event and the police command would set sumthing up
  8. Matthew Darhk

    IF YOU got the pictures xd then why not
  9. Matthew Darhk

    SO I have to make a website 4 school shiit. And I want to make a basic and easy webpage. Would be great to hear peoples idea on which kind of webpage I should make whcih is simpel... so, which kind?
  10. Matthew Darhk

    I bet you even charge them for driving without lights even if you were the fault of the lights, right?
  11. Matthew Darhk

    You should know. Xd
  12. Matthew Darhk

    Just remember to encounter me with drugs, me roleplay love
  13. Matthew Darhk

    This bidda is da over Cbjo is baying the ifrit @Tom Skyline
  14. Matthew Darhk

    I CANT spelle at night @cbjo tommorow it is then. Message me when you got time and I will try to be there in time as I will be driving home at 2 or 3 GMT +1
  15. Matthew Darhk

    Highest bit so far,

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