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  1. Taking that the reported player has done it again and being racist, I am then convinced that the reported player is here to break the rules and not follow them, doing it once may be a mistake, but doing it twice is a decision and/or a choice made by the individual and due to the mentioned reasons, this report will be accepted and the reported player will be issued a ban. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. @Twitch.tv/ConwayKettle As to the reported player, if you feel like I've made a poor decision feel free to complain to a staff lead+ or/and talk to me on regards of it. Actioned
  2. I'll be giving the reported player 24 hours to respond.
  3. Firstly, thank you for bringing this into our attention. @Mike WoodlandIs this you? If so do you care to explain? (You'll get 24 hours, to give me an update whether you're going to resolve or not, otherwise this report wil be dealt with accordingly.)
  4. You sir is the future of Altis, you got my vote! - - -
  5. @Whitebeard I could not be more proud of you! Good luck and may you succeed with the help of the god of light, who knows maybe one day I may become a pirate myself
  6. I actually agree with Xart, It is not our problem as the staff team, when others don't know how to controll themselves, One thing is sure, if you can't control it, then learn to control it because the moment you join the server, thats the moment you accept every rule we got on this community and on top of that we as the staff team can not just forgive somebody because they essentially can't "Control" themselves, after breaking the server rules when being fully aware of them. If that is how the show is being runned, then they would - Again- break the rules and then say I could not controll myself, the current system, and reborn is one of the communities that actually are less harsh on rulebreakers. Just make an appeal, which takes less than a minute, and be honest, perhaps you may be next to be unbanned? Who knows Now all of that is being said, I just see more reason to dis-agree with this suggestion NOTE: I do not speak for all the staff team, just myself, some may agree others may disagree.
  7. Unbanning rulebreakers,? it litteraly takes less than a minute to post an appeal, if those who got banned really wanted to play, they would appeal but it seems to me that they don't want to and if they don't want to, they only return to break some more rules. Some gangs I know from the past just don't want to play because arma is getting boring. It's not the server, it is simply the game the issue is, it's a fact that Arma 3 is slowly dying every month that past, any suggestions on how to make rebel/police/medic life fun is always appreciated, but without suggestions, we don't know what is classed as "Fun" for others unless they open up and speak up for what they want. Quiet frankly, everything Reborn has developed so far is based on suggestions and the staff team looking on improvements they believe would be fun/good for the server, but as mentioned, we can not know what you guys class as fun and really want unless you suggest it. Of course not all of suggestions are going to be accepted but look at from this perspective... You're giving input on how to make Reborn Roleplay a fun place to be the more you suggest new stuff, many may be denied, many may be accepted but there is always other ways to make fraction and civ life fun. That being said, I do not agree with unbanning, everyone unless hackers. NOTE: I do not speak for all the staff team, just myself, some may agree others may disagree.
  8. Matthew Darhk

    Selling vehicles

    really I don't think you can sell such vehicle, my recommendation before putting something on auctions ask management if they're willing to transfer such vehicle, non-cutable vehicle can't normally be sold or chopshopped so. @ZeePanda
  9. In-game name: Gavin (FORUM) Steam ID: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/2108-gavin/ Date of ban: 07/09/19 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Unknown Why do you think you were banned: Cause I said RIP josh mate when he posted a status update about fuel or fps or something Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I do believe my ban is unjustified as I haven't broken any forum rules If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Didnt break any rules. I get fuel don't be liking me much these days but not really an excuse. Didnt break any rules and all I did was react to a post aswell as say 'RIP Josh mate' Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: N/A Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  10. Your ruining my emotion, roleplay is da real ting
  11. Matthew Darhk

    Flight stick

    Is it worth it? Its simply whatever that suits you, do what you feel comfi about, some use joystick and some doesnt depens what you prefer Can you use it on arma? No idea but look it up on google and if it does the n give it a go. ( would look it up but am busy atm)
  12. First mistake on this video sir: TOO much shaking of a video that is supposed to be a meme tage AND I am confused on what I watched, most of it is you flying up in the air, and landing, explosions and simply you killing people, where is the memes?
  13. Sold to both, Auction is closed, thanks for bidding mateys, those whom is to sold message me on forums @blue Dave @Maxx
  14. I would lie if I said no
  15. you should add gunpowder on it & Maybe Art Gallery Arts dunno main, but ich liebe it

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