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  1. denied, the other cop initiated with tazer then was shot at, no rdm
  2. Leeroy Jenkins


    looks like the hemmit fuel hit the rotor to me, anyone else in the area have their pov saved?
  3. from watching the video it sounds like the other cop says get out of the vehicle or you will be tazed, can you get the pov of that cop?
  4. ALL auctions must use the correct format that is below. If the template is not used then it will be removed. @[LC]GOD
  5. add an end date within 24 hours or auction will be closed
  6. add an end date within the next 24 hours or will be closed
  7. Leeroy Jenkins

    73449 Report

    report denied, not enough evidence of any rule break
  8. Leeroy Jenkins

    73449 Report

    either way your video does not show any rule break did you try to resolve with the guy? did you lose anything?
  9. Leeroy Jenkins

    73449 Report

    The cop says "it was an accident mate" and the video doesnt show anyone stripping you
  10. Leeroy Jenkins

    73449 Report

    your videos dont show anything of any rule break, your first video shows nothing at all and your second video shows a aha ask whats going on then some guy says "you stripped him when you shouldnt have" then a cop comes up and says "it was an accident", what is the rule break you are trying to show?
  11. sold? if not add and end date within 24 hours or this auction will be closed

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