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  1. -1 if i was in a car irl and saw someone with a gun, he would be under my car pretty fast
  2. -1 ill rob you just for making this suggestion
  3. as i said everyone makes mistakes if someone made a genuine mistake rdming someone they should not get the same ban as someone who goes out of their way to rdm someone, many pple who make silly mistakes that they didnt mean to have been perm banned when a 1 week ban would have been enough
  4. tbh i think this is a good idea but have different rule brakes at different levels like if i rdm its a 1 week ban and after that ban if i get banned again within a week its a 1 month ban, and always have the option to give a perm ban to mass rdmmers and hackers and so on but i think this would be a good thing to add to the server because everyone makes a mistake every once in a while and i think that players who want to play on the server should get perm bans when a 1 week ban would make them not do it again

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