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  1. hahaha Roasted ÔØñ´©Å
  2. I want to Recommend Daniel because he always deals with major situations within the police force he is straight to the point and he knows the rules off the back of his hand keep up the good work within the police @Daniel
  3. Happy Birthday Don't get to drunk ??

    1. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Thanks mate and I won't lol 

  4. As much as i helped you with the case showing you these two rules 8.2.25 - If you see a police officer being taken hostage you are permitted to shoot (according to fuel) 8.2.26 - In all hostage situations officers are to value to hostages life a fight is to be a very last resort The only thing i said was that the only rule break i think was broken in the video was 8.2.26 - In all hostage situations officers are to value to hostages life a fight is to be a very last resort Not once did i say it was a excuse for cops to have a gun fight i might of agreed to what you was saying but you said alot that's my opinion
  5. +1 for Roy Rogers One of the best cops at the moment he also introduces new rules that makes it fun for players but most of all the new rules increases activity Keep up the good work
  6. +1 from me good roleplayer always up to look for a fun time in game
  7. The Video made me laugh that's for sure keep them coming ?
  8. The way i see it is that i come here because Atek Never wants to resolve anything on teamspeak all he does is blame everyone else for his actions also i was shot without a single word said there for it is RDM if he has a complaint on the way i handled the situation before i was shot he should make a complaint on me rather then trying to justify why he is right to shoot me without a single word said on here i dont think he has learned from what he has done as i have not had any apology and the last time i had a apology from him he repeated the same rule break witch i have video evidence if staff would like it his apology means nothing to me when he is a repeat offender thats my opinion.
  9. I will wait for staff to respond as this seems to be going no were other then its my fault
  10. In-game name: DiscoCat Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Atek Date of the incident: 07/25/2018 Time of the incident: 12:25 What rule do you believe was broken: Poor Rp / RDM Any evidence available: Indecent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkpIL4pLeUw Describe the incident: We was going to check out moonshine processor were i pulled up and seen a rebel with a gun I stated i was the police and for them to place there hands on there head were i was just shot down Also i would not like to resolve it with him on ts because i am still waiting for him to resolve another situation with him in ts and he failed to do so that can be found here <14:24:05> "Atek": ME <14:24:14> "DiscoCat": ok is it resolved ? <14:24:17> "Atek": NO <14:24:22> "Atek": STOP <14:24:26> "DiscoCat": ok lets go liason <14:24:26> "Atek": MESSAGING ME <14:24:29> "Atek": NO <14:24:32> "Atek": STOP MESSAGING ME Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. @Kai Cheng who is going to feed the horses now you are gone also i will miss you strapping the the bears to the front of you're prowler and using You're Gun as a horse tranquilliser you're roleplay is top notch hope you get unbanned soon
  12. As you can see we cleaned up the streets of Kavala by seizing alo't of Drugs this Morning So i just want to Recommend Constable Jayyy & Constable dann for making this Drug Bust Possible Two Dedicated Officers Right there
  13. Thanks for all the support everyone I got accepted back to police

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