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  1. Adam ツ

    You werent going that fast for us hence why we took it as valid initiation, you didnt try to resolve with us but we said if a video was provided comp would be given. the offer for comp is still valid as its clear you were going to fast for it to have been valid
  2. Adam ツ

    why is your gang name in your steam name you ape
  3. Adam ツ

    thats the stupidest thing ive ever seen suggested lmao -1 btw
  4. Adam ツ

    2080 is better than a 1080 ti but not enough to make it worth buying, if you were thinking of getting one just go for a 1080ti as its cheaper and games dont support the new "ray tracing" shit
  5. Adam ツ

    Soon pls i miss the crosshair and no fatigue
  6. Adam ツ

    Next time make the clips shorter and dont go to a black screen aftet every kill, either cut straight to the next or fade them together
  7. Adam ツ

    3 man bank lets go
  8. Adam ツ

    https://i.gyazo.com/4c0145ce45213be6aa378a8803d18c5e.mp4 ban me please
  9. Adam ツ

    disable re sample
  10. Adam ツ

    To stop the police crying about guns, for banks they should have good guns dropped to them by higher ranks. Then they will learn they arent losing because of gear difference. 12 was a good number especially when the cops are inactive or whatever the reason for low numbers is atm

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