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  1. thanks @DANIELW-
  2. In-game name: J O S H Age: 16 Hours on Arma (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/9262ee4c9ea4de64a4b9aa563b4cf8af Bank balance: https://gyazo.com/0fb24d16b22491952d36180b6da7fe00 Why do you want to join Faceless?:i want to join as i getting bored of cops and want to try something new for a change i already have a few mates in the gang and i think they would also want to to join. i also want to join as it is one of the best gangs on this server. i also want to join as in most gunfight you win and i also want to play with youes as your also one of the most active gangs on this server rn Can anyone vouch for you?: Browny Previous gangs: nothing big just mostly played with Ket and fusion.
  3. nice montage shame it could not have been longer
  4. In-game Name: s l J O S H Steam ID: 76561198059605783 Date of the incident: 02/07/2018 Time of the incident: 18:07 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk 1 200k ams 100k gear 100k Please provide as much detail as possible: i run up the stairs and got gliched and died by jumping up the stairs Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8owRiQqOM3k
  5. not going to lie gg that was not bad but some of them were bots @AndrewFam
  6. well send a vid of your frags? @AndrewFam
  7. but man wrecked him in it he spent like 30 mins trying to aim like wtf and he is in SFU @AndrewFam
  8. @AndrewFam goof frag like init show what i can do
  9. -In Game Name: J O S H -Age: 16 -Country of Residence:Scotland -Arma 3 hours: https://gyazo.com/6c07e506632e086df2c3ec9c0f251ef3 -Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : about 75 but fora long time i played on a different rp server -Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: versus reason zephy the leader has gone -Why do you want to join the Bananas ?: i want to join this gang this gang because i know is has active member and in my old gang there was not that much -Tell us about yourself ?: I am a very loud person at times not going to lie but i am not some noob and some young kid that will piss about. Adam and Callum can vouch for that. i am 16 i am for Glasgow I am friendly easy to talk to and can liven up a ts if it is the right time of course -Why should we recruit you ?: as i have said i know some of the guys already in your gang so i know exacly how to act and i know when to use coms i am verry good at flying and driving i like to sniper more than i like to go up close and personal but i am also good if some cops comes up my ass when i have a mk1 -What are your strengths ?: like i said i would say i am good with a sniper and also good at driving and flying. i am alright with coms but could improve. -What are your weaknesses ?: like i said my coms can be good but at times they cant be and i just need to be told to shhh but after that they can be soled -How often are you available to play ?: everyday -Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you ? Callum and Adam
  10. In-game Name: JAKXC Steam ID: 76561198059605783 Date of the incident: 10/17/2017 Time of the incident: 7:56 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk1 fully kitted and Please provide as much detail as possible: i was with all my mates and my friend zephy killed everyone (it was not him) and i lost all my gear by some hacker. i do not have any valed evenece becuse my shadow play just broke on me comp needed 500k Any Evidence Available: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059605783/screenshot/879750926823602684
  11. thanks for the opportunity but what is a playing session we all would like to know @Clixy
  12. Name : josh (J O S H in game) Age : 16 Time Zone/Location : GMT Ban History (Reasons) : Never been banned I am new to this server but I played on a different server for about a year with no bans Previous Gangs : fusion Bank Account (Screenshot) : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059605783/screenshot/879750610968769156 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot) : https://gyazo.com/78191d55d56eff68ec1eaeec539be638 Licenses (Screenshot) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166248047 Strengths : I am very good at shooting, role playing, communicating, driving and also flying. I have a lot of spare time in my life so I love to play games I also am very activate so if I join I will more than like likely be on. I am also very chatty so in a way I am very friendly. i also am very good with the rules i have never been banned of any server and i am not planning on it either. i am good when it comes to coms. but i am very good when it comes to initiating i am loud af when it is needed so it is a very going thing that i could do to initiate so they can hear me load and clear (if i need to yell doing worry i mute my mic on ts ) and when i do this loads of people shit themselves in game and they most of the time get scared so this would be good so that we haver the jump on them. Weaknesses :I can get bored not to fast but fast so I like to always be doing thing ether a gunfight or doing runs witch is a good thing but I do not think so becuses it may sometimes leave me absent so if there was others in a gun fight I would more than likely not be there 100% of the time unless I was there so I am not saying I will not ever be there just I will not be there all the gunfights unless we are looking for people to rob then I will want to get involved xD if that make sence. a big weakness for me is my dyslexia it make me at times when i am spelling not make sence or make me spell things wrong.(if I do spell anything wrong or u do not understand message me). Why Do You Want To Join 39th RR? : I want to join 39th RR and I like the fact that we have our own base which I feel is going to become very useful for gunfights considering it is in no mans land. and I know some people that will also want to join so if I join I could get some more people to join the gang (Zephy the one up there xD). I really want to join becuses I have heared really going things about them like nothing I hear is bad so I really want to join so that I can be in the best gang on this server. What Can You Bring To 39th RR? : What i can bring to 39th RR is time, roleplay, combat skills [flying, driving, shooting etc] and good communications. I have loads of spare time any time after 4pm gt up until 12am GMT so I will be active. I love to play as a team so I like to have peoples backs and also go know that people have my backs. I am also very good and map finding e.g. markers. I have a very good pc so this make me see people better in game so at times I just spot people and tell the gang were they are and it is ether me or a gang member who gets them but i am very useful in them situations. when i was on the other server i was a very good pilot I was in a high tier so I am very confident in my flying. so if anyone was in need of a pick up or even being take and combat landed i could do that no problem. i also have alright coms i do like a good chat with people when I doing a run but i always stay clam and relaxed in a gun fight. i never really choke in a gunfight so i do not get scared. if the gang was also going to be going a run if I was not in the run i would take out my helcat and i would scout with the thermals so that would be very useful so that we would all be safe and not get into bother or robbed.

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