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  1. Nah you where dsyncing like fuck ahaha
  2. good tage baggy joggers
  3. Good luck x
  4. nice tage bud
  5. Nice tage “daddy minion”x
  6. +1
  7. as you can see in the video i clearly was not lag switching must have been server lag or something if we have had spoke you would of seen this video and this report would have not been needed.
  8. wouldnt want to come against you after watching this to be honest.....
  9. Ive asked many admins and community supports before this even happened and they said it was kinda a grey area, due to it being in a redzone and essentially there is no RP in redzone (from what ive been told). I myself have had many times where I start shooting some who has no gear and they run off trying to hide not sure if this is fail RP or not just wanted to say it as another example of what many people do at the redzone. Also, I start to run away because I seen an opening of the door while I was running you already shot a bullet at me. You then go "stop or i am going to hit you" but you already shot at me so why would I stop? You can see at the end of the video I was having a bit of a laugh aswell. But if an admin agrees and ive been misinformed about about how there is no RP in the redzone then I apologize and willing to comp the person who I killed at the video. Thank you.
  10. .

    I definitely wasn’t lying you lasted a day of this being up hahaha
  11. shite song but good tage bud x
  12. .

    Next thing you where kicked of the game 1.6 by Wilcowhoneverspeaks
  13. Nice tage bud
  14. Good tage bud
  15. ?

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