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  1. Attach

    you calling me a dealer because im from newcastle
  2. Attach

    hm https://gyazo.com/dcd2e2677117be397e31ede2701b03f0
  3. Attach

    https://i.gyazo.com/4c0145ce45213be6aa378a8803d18c5e.mp4 yikes
  4. Attach

    thats a yikes im perm trial for a day https://gyazo.com/4b3baca29e7bcc89ad3565f7fec843c6
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    2. Benny
    3. Buidurd


      why do u have armani in your name you cringey fuck

    4. Ethan Armani

      Ethan Armani

      wot u saying u gimp

  5. Attach

    size 12
  6. Rip Arma 3 legend gone but never forgotten @andrew.❤️

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    2. andrew.


      I have access on my phone bud ahha

    3. Attach


      how was the face mask sex

    4. andrew.



  7. Attach

    quiet squeaker nice prom suit
  8. Attach

    Last week we where looking? Now we have to many fook
  9. Attach

    Someboy x
  10. @Buidurd love at first sight ❤️


  11. Attach

    hahhahahahahhahhahahhahahahhahahhahhahhahahahhahha virgin
  12. Attach

    okay the way jaax said he vdmed you was not the way he told me on the video it looks like it looked like he was doing it on purpose. I admit i was toxic and did not have a reason to be, every little thing i see what someone does to you i see yous always report or atleast say you are gonna put one up i was pissed of last night and i apologise for my toxicity.
  13. Attach

    yoink my 30 mil now
  14. Attach

    you've changed miller

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