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  1. ConnorH

    I’ve known Joshh for a year or 2 he was just helping me out since I just came back to reborn and my account was wiped so I didn’t have to start from nothing in vanguard and was able to buy stuff
  2. ConnorH

    I just found out this was from someone sending me money back in march at this time i just got unbanned for duping and my account got wiped and i joined vanguard with them and knew them for a while so they gave me money to get started they didnt sell me it so neither of us should be banned
  3. ConnorH

    In-game name: Prime | Connor Steam ID: 76561198207195948 Date of ban: 06/20/2018 Reason for ban: not sure of the date as i havent played but the reason is for "buying money" Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i havent played in about 3 weeks and i played for about 1 hour then for gang base bidding and i wasnt banned then so no clue why i would be banned now Why should we unban you? Because i dont understand why i have been banned?
  4. ConnorH

    you are so cringey
  5. 7-1 btw

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    2. Pablo


      @privateaimlock say who you are then or you just another pussy 

    3. privateaimlock


      @Pablo another pussy who wants connor to admit

    4. Pablo


      @privateaimlock hmm I will take one guess, salty little Proud 

  6. ConnorH

    im down but we all know ambition dont have a chance
  7. ConnorH

    prime vs sfu the winners of both fights
  8. ConnorH

    your gang is dead and doesnt play
  9. ConnorH

    envious vs prime
  10. ConnorH

    when you acctually just all push one spot you dont do bad but you always push one by one and die -1 from me
  11. ConnorH

    I still feel like it would be better to be inside bit <inappropriate3> being outside people don’t even have to push they can just watch the sign from outside
  12. ConnorH

    His main is banned
  13. ConnorH

    In-game Name: Connor Steam ID: 76561198207195948 Date of the incident: 04/28/2018 Time of the incident: Around 5pm Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: Vehicles from Camorra Please provide as much detail as possible: We all got removed and got told vehicles would be transferred Any Evidence Available: N/A
  14. ConnorH

    im unbanned you can lock
  15. ConnorH

    pretty sure Callum is scottish not irish but k

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