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  1. Leaves, comes back, gets admin...privileged.   

    1. John


      You left cops just like that... Will never forget 🙁

  2. Yeezysloth

    n1 man
  3. Yeezysloth

    I kinda have to -1 for you here Lightning. After LSD has been taken away from LSD Processing making money takes a lot longer in comparison to the LSD route everyone takes (Frog Swamp -> Multidrug -> BW Dealer). But you have to think about it like this, a purifier is within a redzone. So, therefore doing a run within redzone is gonna be incredibly difficult especially when there are gang-bases nearby watching every move. So therefore a purifier buff would be kind of balanced in the sense that it is a high risk for a kind of high pay off.
  4. Yeezysloth

    Sure no problem, I'm around the teamspeak tomorrow. @Azeriaxjust gimme a value of how much you lost and i'll send it asap. @Ollie_ if the NLR claim is true I can comp that too but thats not my judgement because there is no proof as of yet. *edit* @Azeriaxfrom looking at the video ive determined that the aks, shemag, messenger bag, chest rig etc will cost about 75-85k in comp.
  5. Yeezysloth

    I wouldve provided one if i thought the they asked but i didnt save a clip, im sure we can comp for gear if needed
  6. Yeezysloth

    i was the one in cuffs u didnt seize my comms so i kept relaying info to owl, therefore he shot you
  7. Yeezysloth

    nice montage dude
  8. Yeezysloth

    APPLICATION TEMPLATE: Name: Yeezy Previous Gangs: Envious, Oracle, Nefarious, Garbo etc. Arma 3 Hours: 1502 Why do you want to join?: milsim is full of roleplayers and ill fit right in Any members that can vouch for you?: owl
  9. Yeezysloth

    N1 dude
  10. Yeezysloth

  11. Yeezysloth

    he was a better cst but hes an alright cop +1 xoxoxo
  12. Yeezysloth

    personally i think sniping outside of a cap point involves no skill and is unfair on the guys that just wanna fight WITHIN a cap
  13. Yeezysloth

    Fair enough tbh, wanted to see everyones thoughts on it.
  14. Yeezysloth

    So, at the moment OG and Church are in redzone. Fair enough, OG and Church are the most popular cap zones and it requires a bit of skill to go round the map and try and kill everyone without getting sniped from another side etc. But, the capzone is within a redzone, which means that anyone with 0 amount of skill can snipe you from behind when you are trying to fight within a cap. My suggestion is that, if you are taking part of a capzone you need to be within the zone in which it operates. No other person is aloud to shoot outside of the redzone into the cap. (I know this is a bit vague, but the rule can be adapted) I'd wanna hear everyone's opinion on this and their experiences on how it either has helped or ruined their experience within the redzone caps. Cheers.
  15. Yeezysloth

    0:44 that peek was nutttyyyy, nice montage

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