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  1. happy bap day u ginger geez

    1. Cameron


      Cheers lad

  2. In-game name: Posting for Owl Steam ID: 76561198187962511 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: VDM Staff member that banned you: Outsyder Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No it was justified. Why should we unban you? {Owl is away for a couple days but he asked me to post this for him - Yeezysloth} I have been a member of this community for over 2 years and I have made tons of good friends in the process. When I'm banned I feel like I'm getting left out on the fun. I want to change for a positive manner and hopefully join the medics to improve rp and enjoy the server for how it was intended. All I want is another chance to change myself for the better. I wont go round VDM'ing people and being a nuasence. Thank you for any leniancy that you provide me.
  3. How was this RDM exactly? I was at the situation I heard the initiation, and you can clearly hear it in the video.
  4. Me: I should be asleep, one more video wonÔÇÖt hurt.


    1. sbondo1234
    2. Henne


      do u have harry the hamster's number?

  5. Have you considered that you tryed killing us prior to this video? And when you got revived we wanted revenge, so therefore we killed you.
  6. looks fun, good job @Wilma Fingerdoo
  7. -1 potential gambling addict mayor
  8. nice for a first montage man gj
  9. I agree, the cops abuse it way too much, to the point where it's unrealistic for a roleplay scenario. Maybe a rule change (only aloud to use spikes after a tire initiation?) + a delay to the hotkey (1-2 seconds)?
  10. Can i add that this medic refused to revive me at all? And being quite stuck up saying that he wasn't going to revive me? I also had people saying that the medic was driving past doing fuck all as well as me. If anything you were being an incompetent medic refusing treatment to everyone who says the slightest thing wrong. To add, you were combat revving cops within combat situations, no matter how much he denies it.

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